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I'm a fat 13 year old child and i want to know a good childs diet to loose weight?

Well I used to be skinny when i was eleven and i cant tell if just growing in general has caused me to gain some wait or if its my eating habbits. I am very baffled by this situation becasue i play soccer. I have 2 soccer practices a week and one of those practices we run two miles at least. we have only had 4 of these practices but, at my regular practices we still have alot of running. but i mean, i eat alot of food inbetween. i'm not scary obese, just fatter than i want to be and i need a food diet with straight up instructions on what to eat. Please, help me. I really need help from somebody :P


Thanks everybodyyy :) every single one of you helped!

Update 2:

OH AND juss so you know

i am 5ft1inch 3/4


its in my legs

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    Hello Brooke. I'm sorry to hear you are struggling. It is not uncommon, especially for girls, to put on some weight around when puberty starts. My first question for you is, "Have you had a growth spurt yet?" Very often, the body will grow "out" then "up." I say this based on not only having 5 children of my own where I watched this happen, but also, I treat many children in my private practice. So, if you are eating properly, it could just be your body preparing itself to grow taller quickly.

    That said, your food choices will absolutely affect your health. At 13, there are some food choices you control yourself, and others you don't. For example, you can choose yourself to not eat "foods" that are loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors, trans fats, and food chemicals -- processed foods, fast foods, junk foods -- breakfast cereals, candy, ice cream/shakes, cake, cookies, doughnuts, etc.

    You can choose to drink clean water instead of sodas (diet and regular are equally bad for your body for different reasons), sports drinks, energy drinks (also very bad for your body), and fruit juices (even without any sugar added, they are extremely high in sugar because they don't have any fiber, and can contribute to weight gain).

    You can probably choose to eat whole fruits and vegetables instead of bread, pasta, cereal, rice cakes, pancakes, biscuits, crackers, pitas, chips, energy bars, etc.

    What you probably can't choose for yourself is whether or not your food is organic. "Conventional" foods contain pesticides, insecticides, food chemicals, antibiotics and hormones that act like estrogen in the human body. Estrogen's job is to add a fat layer on a female body to prepare it to grow babies. Eating foods that contain these estrogen imitators can make us fat. Girls are often more sensitive to this problem than boys (but I do sometimes see boys in my office that have so many of these chemicals in their bodies from conventional foods that they are actually growing breast tissue . . .), and it can even mess up their monthly cycles. Dairy products, eggs and meats -- especially chicken and farm-raised fish -- are usually the foods with the most hormones in them. I tell my patients who think they cannot afford a completely organic diet to at least buy these items organic.

    Again, I'm pretty sure you don't control what your parents buy for food in the house, or what you are served at school for lunch, so you probably don't have the option of choosing an organic diet.

    You can choose though, to not eat things with lots of sugar and refined carbs like bread, pasta, cereal, etc., and to choose healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds instead of candy bars, sports bars and "snack foods" like chips and cookies.

    The very best thing you can do for yourself is to drink clean water instead of sodas and other sugary drinks and/or drinks with artificial sweeteners.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck to you.


    Dr. Kim

    Source(s): I am the Weight Loss Director of a Wellness Center. I have a degree in Western Nutrition. book: 7 Principles of Fat Burning by Dr. Eric Berg movie: Food, Inc. movie: King Corn movie: The World According to Monsanto
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    It you just want to drop a few pounds for vanity reasons just don't. Please don't. You're at the wrong age to worry about your weight, and I mean that from a biological standpoint. At your age gaining weight is normal. Your body is still developing and for your body to do that you need to be eating healthily. The only instructions there you need is EAT PLENTY OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. Deep fried food bad, carrots good. Pop bad, lots of water good. Don't over think it. Eat three health balanced meals everyday with snacks of fruits and vegetables if you get hungry and you'll be fine.

    Yes it sucks and yes it seems like life would be easier if you were skinnier, but at 13 dieting wouldn't make anything easier. The only people to tell you differently have eating disorders. If you're suddenly gaining lots of weight for no reason (eg: puberty, diet change, etc) then you might want have your parents take you to the doctor in case you have a medical problem. That's only if you have a drastic weight gain for no reason. I'm guess you've gotten the "stay active and eat healthy food" advice already. Possibly more than once, that's because it's the best advice you can get.

    Source(s): Someone who was 13 and who has known 13 year olds.
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    wow are your kids trying to kill you? no offense because that stuff can clog ur arteries and give u a heart attack! being skinny is the second think u should work on...the first thing u have to work on is being in the healthy zone! 1) STOP LISTENING TO UR KIDSSSS!!! eat a healthy diet! like lean meats no processed food(or soy products), NO GREASE!!!, veggies(mostly greens), fruits, nuts,grains,dairy, but little or no cheese at all... 2) do cardio, but dont overwork urself...start inside ur limits, then slowly push out. bike, swim, jog, (walking doesnt do very much)...u can do crunches or sit ups, but that increases and grows muscle under the fat, making u look fatter! not fun rite? 3) make a realistic fitness plan, saying what exercis ur gonna do each day, and how long and how much of it u are gonna do! 4) weight doesnt make u cool..BELIEVE IT!!! being kind, caring, and encouraging makes you cool 5)believe these things can work! if u dont believe and stay with a negative attitude, then hormones will prevent this from working...also, dont eat fat foods, cuz ur liver cant do two things at once! let it make u skinnier first! 6)less in the gym, more outside! 7) find some1 to work with! u also can hire a personal trainer! 8) everything takes time, so dont overwork urself or no PILLS cuz they can potentionally kill you! hope u get ur bikini body back! its time u stopped listening to ur kids and more to your body! :D DRINK MORE WATER!!!! BE LIKE A FISH!!! WATER WASHES ALOT DOWN!!!

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    Eat your 3 meals a day. Eat a piece of fruit or granola bar in between. once a week eat anything you wish, anything for 3 meals eat different but healthy snacks unless you're sick of them. Your practice and games are good enough for excerses. A serving of any meat should be the size of your hand plus fingers. Stuff yourself with fruit. find out how to make the veggies you eat taste better, like different dressings. try new veggies. buy the Light or no fat versions of high fat foods, but don't eat them if they absolutely suck.

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    You must eat less and/or exercise more to lose weight. Your age doesn't matter. And you can eat anything you want, as long as you don't consume too many calories (although eating a balanced diet is obviously preferable for nutritional reasons).

    However, it's important to make sure you get proper nutrition when cutting calories, so a balanced diet remains important. And if calories are severely restricted, nutritional supplements may be necessary (ask your doctor about this).

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    Hey well im 13 as well im trying to get fit again so as a family project my dad bought us a Ab circle pro and i can already feel some change. The way im trying to look good again is watching what i eat and doing more walking and stuff lol.

    Hope i helped out :D

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    stop drinking soda, regular or diet drink water or skim milk, eat fruit instead of drinking juice. if you eat fastfood don't eat fries get a grilled chicken sandwich with no mayo, no bacon and no cheese. Instead of fries eat apple slices or a side salad with local dressing. Fill up on veggies cut back on bread and swim and enjoy being a kid.

    you can also start running. I know Gold's gym lets you get a membership there if you are 10 years old.

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    Apologies if I am just echoing comments here, but theres only really on solution to this. Just simply, cut out the crap (like junk food), and continue to do exercise. Thats as basic as I can get...

    Good look now Brooke! :)

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    Okay, I'm going to answer with the same answer to somebody else's question, slightly edited (it was very similar to yours). Here's the link:;_ylt=AvqSb...


    I'm thirteen, too.

    Why the flip do you went to lose weight? Our bodies are still growing, so we go through periods of time when we gain and lose weight, and there's nothing we can do about it.

    Screw trying to lose weight - it's a waist of time.

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    Your still young you'll grow out of it just wait and don't eat junk food everybody has their chubby phase. I did and at 15 I was normal all over again :)

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