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can some one know whats wrong with you buy simply feeling your back?

theres a lady in mexico that use to work for a priest that prescribes natural medicines anyways i went and she told to sit down and turn to the side she felt my back for like a minute and told me i drink to much soda one of my kidney is getting bad, i dont drink enough water, i dont sleep well i wake up in the middle of the night, i walk on the cold floor without shoes, alot more things i just forgot but she even knew i had in ingrown toe nail and i had shoes on is this normal to know all these things by feeling your back or does she have powers?

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    Well, there are people that can do this... I know some Chiropractors that can tell what's wrong by feeling up the spine as well. The main reason is because all the nerves come together between the bones in the spine, so certain problems in the body will create small amounts of inflammation in certain parts of the spine. Also, your posture and how you stand can say things about your feet (how you walk, damage to a foot, etc).

    A friend of mine said the first time he walked into his Chiropractor's office, the Chiropractor asked if he hurt his right ankle or foot when he was younger... he could tell that he favored one side more than the other to the point where he could tell that there was damage in the past, but it was healed. That's a matter of perception that many people don't care to pay attention to, but some hone the skill.

    Obviously, you've been to a person that does this and she was right about what she said. I couldn't say if she had "powers" or if she was just very perceptive and could feel very minor inflammation. It's understandable that you would be skeptical of something like this, but first-hand experience is hard to deny. I hope I helped!

    Source(s): Personal experience of myself and friends and personal research
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    No, scientifically speaking she cannot have powers like the ones that you've described. I think you realize that on at least some level which is why you're asking this question here. Being skeptically is okay, and it doesn't mean you're a bad person or that you are not spiritual.

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    Nope, she just described over 90% of the population.

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