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Just an idea for Gears of War 2?

I love playing Gears 2 online. I think it's the most fun multiplayer shooter out there, but it really irritates me that so people just sit and wait behind corners for you to walk past and then chainsaw you and never actually shoot a bullet the entire time. I've always thought that was so gay to do and I've gotten bored and tried to think of ways to fix that problem. And I came up with an idea that I'm sure lots of people will think is stupid but for the others, I just want your opinion. And yes, I know Epic will never change this about Gears 2 online.

I thought that the best way to fix people just running around and chainsawing everyone they get a chance to is to make the chainsaw a spawning weapon, such as the long shot and hammer of dawn. I know that the actual gun part of it isn't all that strong, but the chainsaw makes up for it in my mind because of it's instant kill.

Anyways, I'm just ranting and raving about this but just give me some opinions of my idea.

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    Your chainsaw should lock up like in the first one.

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    Its a good idea but to put a Lancer which as always been in the game as a starting weapon a spawning weapon is too much to ask a better way i thought is that the chainsaw only cuts part of your body like your hand but then your aims is horridly wrong want i do is i do the exact same to them and see there expressions at the end of the game if really funny LOL

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    I agree completely with everything you said Best online game shooter Chainsaw noobs, (though I must admitt I do that too, when I am messing around with friends) Chainsaw MUST be a spawing weapon, because I hate in Annex, Execution, and Guardian when the sit behind corners and wait. Most of the time I can kill them with the shotgun, but it feels like sometimes my bullets come out as dust and don't do anything...and I get chainsawed...

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    I LOVE Gears of War 2. Its addicting. :] And I totally agree with you. I really like using strategy sometimes and hiding+shooting from far. Sometimes it gets annoying that someone suddenly comes and instantly kills you in one hit; and theres nothing you can do about it. xP

    I support your idea. :]

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