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what suppliments would be best to use to build muscle?

i am about 5'10, 140 lbs. i do not have alot of muscle but am looking to build some. what suppliments would be able to help me best? are there any of these that come in powder or chewable form? i am not the best at swallowing pills. please let me know....thanks

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    yo wtf you sound just like me im 5 foot 9 inches 135 pounds im skinny and i have a hard time getting mucsle and i have a hard time swallowing pills... i just eat food with protein and drink milk and do ab workouts and sprints and do 25 pound curls idk if that helps. just push yourselft.

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    Protein shakes are great and come in many flavors, but make sure to take extra calcium because the more muscle you built the more toll it takes on your bones. I like vanilla soy protein powdered shakes with half milk half soy milk and add a banana and berries to the mixer.

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    im 5'11" and 175 lbs cause i workout everyday. I like whey protein milkshakes i get 2 lbs of the powder at walmart for 13dollers and i drink that after i workout.

    when you work out work big muscles like chest, back, shoulders and legs dont just stick to arms.

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