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What exactly is going on in Russia?

Now I'm a bit confused. I know Russia is no longer straight-up communist, but what does that make them? (they sure as hell aren't a democracy). Also a silly side note, a lot of people view Russia as a threat, because we're not exactly enemies with them...riiiight?

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    Dear friend,

    What is happening, what is happening.... Interesting things happen in Russian and previous orators have already mentioned them.

    It's not communism neither democracy over there. It's a mixture, which is then democracy, when it's good for government and then communism when they need to control the crowd.

    Russia is a big and rich country and it used to be very strong if not the strongest. It used to bother USA (and not only) a lot so they decided to disable Russia as much as they can (it seems), what they successfully do by bringing all these fast food and popular American channels like MTV, which propagates free life style, no responsibilities, no culture and so on. So while Russia is following that, all the other countries are growing their power only. I've never seen CNN saying anything good about Russia. They just laugh at any and every problem/trouble of the country.

    Russia needs a president, who truly loves his country and is ready to protect it, reform it.... Then, maybe, the declared democracy will slowly become reality.

    Russia is not any threat and Russians do not hate any nations - no need to believe in media. Russia needs new life and new ideals (or maybe, it needs to go back to old ideals) then everything will be fine with the country. Basically, Russia is everyone's friend, but the other countries choose to be enemies sadly.

    Russian spirit is a great thing and I hope it always remains in Russian blood.

    Thank you!

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    I am Russian and it puzzles me just as much as it confuses you. When I travel around the world I don’t see any hostility to me as a Russian from the ordinary people of the countries I visit. At the same time there are a lot of latent or openly spiteful comments about Russia and Russians in both the mainstream Western press and on television. It’s clear to me that the Western political and intellectual elite sees Russia and Russians as a threat and as something deeply alien to them. If you go to the BBC news web site, which claims to be impartial and unbiased, you cannot find a single piece of news about Russia that wouldn't have been this or other way negative. The same story is with the main American news networks.

    Even here at Yahoo Answers you can easily find a few individuals who with maniacal persistence come to the Russia section to leave some degrading remarks about Russia and Russians. Let’s wait for their answers they might explain us their position. Squeaky P., I am especially interested in your comments.

    P.S. Squeaky P., OK, what about China then which is not exactly a sample of any democracy even a "managed" one? What is the reason for American amiability to China? Is it unlike Russia a real threat?

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    A "managed" Democracy (Putin's words). Which means the people are told who to vote for (quoting my Russian friends). It actually works best for people who are unaccustomed to choosing their own leaders, as they are better off with someone like Putin than someone who would sneak their way up to destroy the country for their own gain.

    Not many countries or people view Russia as a threat. Most countries near Russia have people who think this way - for good reason - but the rest of the world does not think of Russia as particularly willing or able to do them much harm. Britain seems to have a bone to pick though...

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    A threat? The enemy? Oh no. Not at all. I'm having a passionate affair with Russia. It's the best thing that has ever happened to me ;)

    Source(s): To Russia with love ;) Kisses from Bavaria ;)
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    we've made alliances with very nearly the different united states of america in Europe. Our troops are completely stationed close to the two its jap and western borders. we've backed out of very nearly each Nuclear hands treaty with them because of the fact the top of the chilly warfare - at an increasing cost under the Bush administration, yet he did no longer initiate the hearth. we are threatening to construct an entire Anti Ballistic Missile protection equipment ON their borders. we strive to strengthen NATO all a thank you to its borders. We criticize their protection stress operations in spite of the undeniable fact that we do the comparable element. we don't generally handle them with the honor because of the another nuclear superpower on the the planet. The Russians could nicely be forgiven for feeling a splash miffed. Given all that we've achieved those days, it is going to take some intense concessions on our section to get the latest version of the beginning up mixture hands administration treaty signed via the two events.

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    Russia today is not pure socialist like the U.S.S.R. was, but it have many socialistic (communistic) elements. Also, we russians (most of us) dislike USA and Western Europe, so we see you like our enemies. I don't hate USA or West, but I still dislike it. I am sure the same thing about us is in USA.

    Source(s): from RUSSIAN
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    Russians are the most nice. sweet. thought full people..all the bullshit different countries talk about them are wrong,,,people there are all like family to each other even if you dont know them.

    i love Russia

    Source(s): born there
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    The hate is amongst the governors not the people.

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    It is not necessary to be afraid of us. We have survived in many wars. We know that war it BADLY.

    Be not ill Russophobia :)

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