Am I losing my mucus plug?

I went to the doctor and he RAMMED me with his fingers to check my cervix...he said I was effacing, and I my cervix was closed. When I came home I went to the toilet and I noticed when I wiped it was just barely tinged. I looked in the toilet and there were little pieces of something clearish cloudy floating it my plug, or did he just break a vessel or something? My doctor is an


What's with the comments? If you're not going to attempt to help me, save your immature comments for yourself. you're obviously not mature enough to handle a PREGNANCY forum.

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    SAME THING HAPPENED TO ME. Im not even joking. This nurse checked me so hard that I started sort of bleeding chunky crap when I would go to the bathroom. TMI sorry. But anyways I went to the doctor cuz I had no idea what it was and I thought the nurse had scratched my membranes, anyways they sent me up to labor and delivery where I had my baby that next morning. So you should call your doctor in the morning tell them you are bleeding and see what they say. Im pretty sure its the mucus plug but you never know what they might discover.

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    it could be your plug, i have heard of some women losing just alittle bit of it and i have heard of them losing it all at one time. I havent had this experience myself just yet but when it comes out in your panties it looks like snot and you will have alittle bit of blood with it. which is why they call it the " bloody show". If your worried about it you can always go in and find out.

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    Mine was like a half of cup of snot looking was disgusting. I lost another big glob today. If it looked like that then Id say it was your plug.

  • um wow...time for a new doc...but it could just be discharge...or the lube stuff that the docs put on there fingers...i dont think its your mucus plug...

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    wow ...thats different

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