How can i make my car faster without spending any money (96' Camaro Z28)?

I have a stock 1996 Camaro Z28 and im looking for a way make it faster without spending any money, can anybody give me a few suggestions?

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    W/o spending ANY money is hard to do, However -.- it is at your own risk, but running w/o a air filter will increase HP a little bit, and change the sound of the motor. It runs high risk of particles entering the engine. You can also take off the exhaust system for a little more HP, but then noise and inspection are a big problem. but for free, you can only do risks like that.

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    You know, people can be so down on somebody looking for free horsepower!

    Don't run without an air filter (bad, bad, bad idea). However, look up the "throttle body coolant bypass" for the LT1 - with a little manipulation, hose clamps and a section of hose, you can bypass the coolant line leading to the throttle body. Unless you drive it in the bitter, bitter cold, the heat going to the TB will only sap horsepower. This trick alone is practically free (if you scrounge the parts), and is worth 5 horsepower.

    Next, if you're daring, you can VERY CAREFULLY use a dremel to remove the ridges on the side of the MAF - they're an impediment to the smooth airflow. Best bet is to use a grinding stone to kick off the really high stuff, then smooth it out with a 220 grit sanding drum. Did I say BE CAREFUL? Don't smash your sensor or wires. Clean everything up thoroughly with carb cleaner, being sure to rid yourself of all the flash you just sanded off. The horsepower increase is unknown to me, but it will help your top end flow - plus it works very well with a TB airfoil and cold air kit (which you can purchase separately).

    Those are the freebies. Everything else costs something.

    Oh yeah - if you want to remove the "skip shift" option (on your six speed manual, if you have it), you can spend about a dollar for a resistor, and jump the terminals on the trans (prevents the check engine light). It eliminates the intrusive 1st to 4th skip shift that was put there to promote fuel economy. Great for those times where you came out of 1st real soft, but decided to stomp on it - only to find your Camaro has become your worst enemy by locking out 2nd and 3rd.

    Source(s): 95 Camaro Z28 convertible, decidedly not stock (and with the mods I described above).
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    there no want to get your car power enough for you to NOT SPENDING money on it? unless if you want to damage your car...take the air filter out and exhaust system out then you got some power a little bit :-D..if you willing to spent on it then order the computer tuning bullydog chip at

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    send it over a tall'll hit like 180 in just a couple of seconds.

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    Tow it behind my Z06

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    NO MONEY NO SPEED SORRY try some rice !!!!!!!!!!

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