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What car should I get for my first car?

Im 15, and my parents plan on getting me a car next year some time around my 16th birthday. So what kind of car should I get? I REALLY want a 2007 Honda Accord Coupe, but my dad says that the insurance would sky rocket..and mom says I dont want a coupe either..which really bums me out..SO I was thinking about a Nissan Altima..2008 maybe? Would this be a good first car..would I be paying too much?! Thanks for your answers!!

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    Congrats on wanting a car that is as safe and reliable as a Honda! Most kids want a jacked up Mustang or something really crazy, but you're being responsible. Your Dad is right, your insurance is going to be very high because of your age and the year of the car.

    For reassurance, I bought a used 2007 Honda Accord last November and I love it! It's silver and has been nothing but fantastic. You'll be getting a great car that will last you a long time. Push that point ot your Dad!

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    Get something economical. Listen to your parents advice, all the pros and the cons.

    Then you decide what YOU want. You have to drive it. YOU have to get used to it.

    But think logically about it, don't get something that won't suit your needs.



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    go with a sedan, not a coupe. it's your fist car you'll probably crash it anyway. go with something cheap

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