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What would you call this relationship?

We're good friends, but I wouldn't call him my BEST friend, nor would I expect to be his. We jokingly flirt back and forth, hold hands, make sexual jokes, and touch each other, but we don't have sex of any kind. We're 15, and we often act as a couple. He told me that he likes PRETENDING to be boyfriend and girlfriend. He doesn't do this to any other girl, though. We often say "I love you" to each other (I'm assuming non-romantic love). We're complete opposites but we never run out of things to say. Some of our mutual friends think we should date, but we're not. I don't even think we really like each other. We don't kiss or anything, so I wouldn't say we're "Friends With Benefits".

What would you call this? Why do you suppose we act like this around each other?

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    Ha I think the proper thing to say is that "you enjoy each other's company". I'm kinda the same way. I like it better than dating because you can have fun with just them, but possibly see other people. I think it's just an open relationship. I told the guy today I loved him playfully. He said "yeah right.." so yeah ha I don't mean it like you don't really.

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    Do you want to be in a relationship with him or do you like this "pretending"? I'm not sure what that is, I've never heard of it. It sounds like you're in a real relationship with him that's never actually been defined.

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    You may have more in common with him than you think. He may like you but may not be admitting it for fear of scaring you off.

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