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How long after you and your boyfriend broke up would you be okay with your best friend dating him?

like if you went out for like a year lets say. how long after you and your boyfriend broke up would you be okay with your best friend going out with him?

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    I think that cannot be generalized. As long as you feel awkward when you think about them being together, it's probably too early.

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    In my personal opinion, I'd say never. But, it all depends on your relationship with your friend and ex bf. I couldn't handle my best friend dating an ex of mine. That's like an unwritten law. You're best friend should be able to find her OWN man, not your leftovers.

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    No. it is not right to want to date your friends ex boyfriend. That is not only rude but insensitive.Why would he want to do this to her? It seems like he might have had eyes for her when he was dating your friend all along. I would be livid at both of them for doing this to me.

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    it really depends on people and how they look at it. some dont think its right, others think its ok, but not immediately after y'kno? but for me.. id say after a year.. cause me and my ex are like best friends [been almost a year since our break up] and im koo with him dating other girls including my friends [but that would be weird cause my friends are weird haha]

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    it depends on the people in the situation ... if you still like your ex then ur friend shouldn't go out with him yet altho if u and ur ex are totally over each other then ur best friend can go out with him anytime :)

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