Anyone have any advice for an expat thinking about teaching at Etonkids Montessori in Beijing- Chaoyang Park?

I have read both good and bad things about the school and want to know from others what they have to say about the school or teaching conditions for teachers? in particular foreign teachers...

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    I have no experience with that school in particular. I do want to share a story that might be helpful, however.

    I grew up in Montessori and have worked in Montessori schools for years. I got a job offer to teach in Taiwan (not China) at a Montessori school here and accepted it. When I got here, it was nothing like I expected and was barely anything close to a Montessori school.

    I left that job 2 times. Once, they made up a story about me having an affair with the cleaning lady. Then they brought me back (I love Montessori so much that I figured I want to do this despite the risks). They got rid of me before my contract with them was finished, stating that the parents I did not have were complaining that my students were getting such good treatment ~ why can't they have it, too?

    Now, regarding the question about a Montessori school in China ~ Taiwan is far more liberal than China. A Montessori school in Taiwan would likely be more accepted in Taiwan than in China and likely be something that is much easier to set up and educate the parents about. I've also heard very little good things about Montessori in China as far as how it stands right now from outside observers and teachers who have worked in Montessori schools there. If you are going to experience a new school and new country, it might be worth a try. If you are going because you really want to work in a Montessori school, I would second guess that choice. I've had a chance to go to China to work in a new Montessori school. I refused it because I believe it was a bad situation all around. From what I hear, I just don't trust the Montessori schools there.

    That said, they might be a fantastic school to work for anyway. I'm just telling you about what I have heard through the grapevine and what I understand about China's culture in general towards foreign teachers. I hope it has helped.

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