Swine flu shots mandatory?

What the hell is this. I dont feel they should use children as test subjects until they understand this virus alot better. What will happend if the parents refuse? When does this start and where? Who is controlling all of this?

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    Follow the money ... it will be CLEAR to see who is controlling this.

    Deaths from Flu shots:


    Children death from Vaccines: A must read view


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    I really would have liked it allot more if you would have added where your heard such a ridiculous thing from. I haven't heard anything like this as of yet. The vaccine won't even be available in the USA until October from what I've seen so far on the news in Dallas, Texas. It is true that this flu has hit children under 18 and pregnant woman more then others so far. School starts in the south in late August and the north is usually after labor day. I have lived in both and haven't yet heard this will be mandatory. True when you even start school you must have had immunity vaccines to several communicable diseases that spread quickly in close settings. Remember that? Since this is spread the same way it's not that unexpected when it does become available. Would you want your child to have immunity to it or take the chance and role the dice that they won't become ill from it? There will most likely be an opt out paper available if you don't want your child to have this. I think I will wait until the time comes. Until then I do think that people have already been vaccinated over-seas. I think the facts might be available at the website of the WHO organization. Remember that it's an organization though so it's dot org and not dot com. Most people forget and go to dot com and wonder why they can't find the site there. I'm not accusing anyone, just including whoever might read this. Everyone must make their minds up. Then another thing is if your child is over the age of 12 and understands all that's going on I do believe they should also have a say in what they want too. After all, sooner or later they will need to start making decisions like this for them-self and why not start it in a family setting with health? It's a great way to open up communications with them again. Good luck and God Bless

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    I have never gotten a flu shot. They aren't mandatory.

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