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What to do with my hair?

Im a 13 year old boy with short hair, my hair sticking up fully is about 1 inch, i need ideas im running out? what do guys do with their hair that you like?

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    I usually wear my hair in one of the short pomp styles-crew cut, ivy league(long crew cut), flat top crew cut- around the one inch to one and a half inch range at the front hairline and graduated shorter to the back of the crown with the back/sides tapered down. Usually a crew cut or ivy league(long crew cut.) Every so often a flat top crew cut. I'll also grow it out to a short taper cut if I want longer hair. From Ivy league length, it only takes a couple of months to grow to a regular short taper cut at the average rate of growth of 1/8" per week, and my hair grows about twice the average rate. These are all great styles that look good and take very little time to groom. The answer at the following link explains the basic short cuts. The first two links contained therein are quite informative:


    ivy league(long crew cut):


    Some barbers describe an ivy league as a crew cut just long enough to be parted and combed to the side if so desired. An ivy league can also be worn with the hair brushed up off the forehead to form the short pomp front or with the short bangs brushed down on the forehead like a forward brush cut

    crew cut:






    [A crew cut is a timeless prep haircut, the photo directly above is from 1946, and yet if the photo was in color, both the guy and the clothes he is wearing could be in the latest J Crew catalog. ]

    short crew cut:


    [About 7/8" at front hairline graduated in length to about 3/8" at back of crown. Back/sides tapered shorter.]

    ultra short crew cut:


    [Around 5/8"(#5) at the front hairline, graduated to about 1/4"(#2)at the back of the crown. Back and sides are tapered from around #0A length (1.2mm)down to #000 length(0.5mm) at the ears and nape.]

    regular taper cut:


    Grooming any of the short pomp styles- crew cut, ivy league, flat top crew cut- is basically the same.

    1) Towel dry hair.

    2) Barely dip fingertips in jar of wax.

    3)Transfer wax to palms.

    4) Smooth palms over hair.

    5)Brush hair off forehead to form short pomp front.

    Whichever style you decide on, take a photo to help describe the desired haircut to the barber or stylist. If you need more photos of a particular style, let me know.

    Good Luck!

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    I'm a guy so I deal with this problem everyday. If you like to use gel, you can spike it all over, or, brush it forward and gel the front, or what I did, do the fauxhawk. It's like a mohawk but not shaved on the sides. My hair is about 2.5 inches long and I wet it, put in some sleek and shine stuff, blowdry it to the side in the front and go. Good Luck kid.

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    Well I kind of like bed hair. for short hair though... not for long hair. xD I mean it can stick out a bit but in a nice way, not like you put a finger into a socket... x) Im turning 14 soon so yeah... or do a fauxhawk but not with a lot of gel because I think a point sticking up is weird....

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    I usually like to run my fingers through it.

    Don't jell it up too much, girls hate that. Jell makes your hair appear to be greasy; as if you haven't showered in a week. Have fun.

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    lol im thirteen 2...i like the skater hair/scene hair but lots of chicks r different

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    Grow it out!

    Just so it's a little longer. I love longer hair. I'm not so much into the whole shaved/short look.

    Good luck!



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    I like it when they put they're hair in a small mohawk =)

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    really, really short

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