I apply sunscreen for my entire body everyday and I still get freckles?

I'm eighteen..

I always wear sunscreen on exposed areas..but I'm still getting freckles.

Right now I'm wearing spf 70 on my face and neck..not including the mineral makeup with spf 15-19

Is it genetic?

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    You sound really cute to me. I think Girls with freckles are HOT! The more freckles a girl has the HOTTER she looks! Freckles are the first asset I look for on a girl before asking her out on a date. A girl without freckles is like a night without stars. Freckles are so HOT that there are even web sites dedicated to women covered in freckles and the guys who love them. Freckles ROCK!

    Now to answer your other question, Yes, freckles are genetic, here's more info for you:

    Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About FRECKLES!

    Q. What are freckles?

    The simple answer is they are an uneven tan. Your skin color depends on the amount of a pigment called Melanin it contains. The more Melanin you have the darker your skin color. Albinos have no Melanin at all in their skin!

    Melanin helps to protect you from the harmful ultraviolet rays in sunlight. When these rays hit your skin, the Melanin cells in your skin respond by releasing their chemicals which darken your skin and protect you better from the sun.

    In some people, the Melanin tends to "clump" in areas which appear darker than the skin surrounding them. This is how freckles come about. Melanin is regulated by the MC1R gene, and a variant of that gene is believed to determine how freckly you are. When you spend lots of time in the sun, these clumps of melanin are stimulated to produce more pigment thus you get darker, or even more freckles! The tendency to have freckles seems to be inherited.

    Q. Why do I only get freckles on certain areas of my body?

    Again the tendency to freckle is genetic, and also where you get your freckles. The gene is so strong that even freckle patterns tend to be passed on.

    Almost everyone who freckles will get them on their face. After that, it's all about your genes. Chances are if you do freckle on your face, so did one of your parents/grandparents at the same age.

    If one of your parents/grandparents, freckles in places you don't freckle, you may still get freckles in that place later in life.

    Q. Are freckles a sign of skin damage?

    Not at all, but some people want you to think so. These people simply don't like freckles, or they're trying to sell you something, so they say stupid stuff. Think about it. If freckles were really damaged skin, what do you think would happen to little freckle-faced kids as they got older? By the time they were adults, their faces would be destroyed. Also, if freckles were really skin damage, then it would stand to reason that the most freckly people in the world would be Senior Citizens.

    Q. How come I got freckles after a really bad sunburn, when I didn't have any freckles before?

    When you got sunburned really bad, your skin reacted by trying to tan, but your genetics caused you to get freckles instead. The freckles are actually your skin trying to prevent damage from sun burn!

    If the sunburn is bad enough, your skin retains a "memory" of the incident, and will permanently be changed, although these freckles may get lighter if you keep them out of the sun, chances are they will never completely disappear. Over time, you will probably continue to accumulate more freckles in and around the same area.

    Q. What about "old age freckles"?

    Old age freckles are actually Liver Spots, and they are a sign of skin damage. After 40, your skin is less able to regenerate itself, and this can result in irregular shaped brown patches of various shades. Liver Spots are usually larger and less numerous than the cute freckles of youth.

    Q. Why do females and children seem to have more freckles than men?

    My best guess about this is because women and children have thinner skin than men generally do. Thinner skin would not only allow your freckles to be seen easier, but also make it easier for sunlight to stimulate the Melanin Clumps into action.

    Hormones may also play a role, as when pregnant women are said to get the "Mask of Pregnancy," which often is associated with more freckles.

    Q. Do all skin types get freckles?

    Every Race from Blacks to Asians, to East Indians can get freckles; but they are most common on White people. Freckles usually start to appear around the age of 5 years old, and generally peak during the Teenage years, but can start appearing at any age. They seem to fade during adulthood, which is probably due to hormonal changes and the fact that adults working jobs aren't outside exposed to the sun as much either.

    Freckles ROCK!

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    Freckles are the most beautiful feature a girl can have on her face! Freckles also help keep a girl looking young and pretty most of her life. Whenever I see a girl with a freckled face, I have to stop and say HI to her because she's so pretty. I really hate it when girls try and cover up their freckles with makeup too. Show them off Babe! Freckles are hot!

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    Be proud of who you are... Besides I like freckles.

    To answer your question though it is genetic and there is nothing you can do. Just enjoy life. Well take care and good luck.

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    Why is everybody yelling?

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    "Freckles are genetically inherited and related to the presence of the MC1R gene variant."

    If you have fair skin, freckles are basically inevitable.

    IMO, freckles can be very attractive on girls (and sometimes on guys, depending on the overall appearance)

    Be glad you aren't as freckled as this


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    Yeah, freckles isn't really like a sun thing... Sometimes you have em as a kid ant then you grow out of them, or sometimes they stay with you, Lindsay Lohan is the perfect example, she hides them really good now, but there still there.

    Not covered:




    As A child:


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    it happens regardless of the sunscreen.

    i use basically the same combination, but i still get freckles. the ones on my nose are gross looking, but i have a cute one right at the point of my cupid's bow above my lip :)

    you just have to learn to live with them based on your genes.

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    it can be genetic nothing to do with the sun my boy friend is covered in them

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    its genetic. i have them too I HATE THEM ON MY ARMS. i use a sunless tanner on my arms and it camofloegs* them. haha my appologies i cant spell to save my life.

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    usually it is!!

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