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Anyone have any advice for an expat thinking about teaching at Etonkids Montessori in Beijing- Chaoyang Park?

I have seen both good and bad things about the school and want to know from others what they have to say about the school or teaching conditions for teachers? in particular foreign teachers...

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    It's depend on what the types of jobs you can get teaching in Beijing. University would be free and qualifications very highly ,Wages is low 3000RMB. but you can get a part-time teaching job.private school would higher 10000RMB but busy.Find out what you are expected to be teaching .

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    Noticed you haven't gotten much response.

    Have you posted the question on Dave's ESL cafe? There's a discussion forum there that allows people to tell you there experiences with different schools.

    I would dare to say that it's the #1 ESL/EFL resource for teachers in Asia.

    That being said, I am in NO WAY affiliated with Dave's ESL Cafe.

    I just happen to have used them a couple of years back and have always found that site very helpful.

    Post your question there, hopefully someone who works/worked there or someone who knows someone who works there can help you with your question.



    Source(s): www.eslcafe.com/
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