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Which breed do you like better? Labs or German Shepard?

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    Depends on your lifestyle. If you want a dependent dog who is turbo friendly for your kids the lab is the way to go but if you want an independent thinking dog with a quick wit and a strong will and desire to protect and defend, the German Shepard is for you. Personally I like an independent thinking dog and would prefer the German Shepard, Labs are too goofy and dependent for me.

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    Labs and German Shepherds are my favourite breeds . I honestly can't choose between them . I have a Lab and a German Shepherd mutt now but when I was younger ( about 2-4 yo ) my family had a German Shepherd .I have experience with both breeds and both are great . Sorry that doesn't really answer your question very well .

    Source(s): Owner of a Lab ( Oscar ) and a German Shepherd X Border Collie mutt ( Tia ) . ;D
  • Tierra
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    German Shepard! Labs are to hyper for me.

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    For me, I would love to own a German Shepard because of their loyalty, bur Labs are waaaay fun!

    Jim Kernicky


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    I love German Shepherds, and to me, there is no other breed in the world! My puppy is amazing, I'm telling you. He's smart, has energy when he needs it, settles inside nicely, very handsome and get attention everywhere, GREAT with kids and other dogs, follows me everywhere, can play all day if I want, or just sleep in. Labs I've met seemed to lack personality. But my GSD just oozes love and character, and his eyes are really soulful.

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    Tough call. I've had them both. I'm partial to labs, but the German Shepherd I have now is really mellow, and that's kind of nice. Labs take a lot of energy. But they're so great!

    I know. That doesn't help.

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    it depends actually...

    a lab is a good dog for kids and it is quite playful while german shepards are good for guard dogs.

    labs are cuter,

    german shepards are cooler.


    I love both of them I think.

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    I like German Shepherds better as they are my second favorite breed, behind Golden Retrievers.

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    i would definitely say lab. i have a lab and rottweiler mix and she's always full of energy and she has a great personality,

    also she never runs away. i've never had a

    german shepperd but there is some in my neighborhood

    and they get out a lot and they seem a little too crazy,

    but that's just my opinion.


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