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need to lose 15 lbs, what u think?

and YES i do need to lose the weight!!!


hey ok well im really self consious with my body and im sick of it!! im 16,135 lbs, 5'6. i really wanna weigh 120 pounds or something like that. i want to be a weight where when i wear clothes they look really nice and everything. i can never wear a regular shirt and jeans cuz it looks bad on me. i just started taking lipo 6 (diet pill) but i dont think it will work. well i do work out for like 1 hour twice a week but its not doing anything, i really need to loose these pounds before school which starts september 1st. please help me i hate my body sooooo much!

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    If you are really commited, then cut out all food with artificial sugar in it, you can still have all kinds of meat, even bacon, full dinners, there is no end to how much food you can eat as long as you do not eat any artificial sugar crap. Instead of drinking pop, drink 100% natural juices, or look for drinks sweatened with cane sugar, it will sya it on the bottle, they are suprisingly common. Combine this with cardio exercises like jogging two or three times a week for a month or so and you should be at your goal weight. Just remember to push yourself past whats comfortable when your jogging. Your body only starts actually burning fat after you feel like you cant run anymore, so that is the time where you have to push the hardest and hang in there for those extra couple laps.

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    ok,first:DON'T TAKE DIET PILLS!they don't work and they put bad bad stuff in your body.

    next,if u really want to loose wait,you have to change your diet to healthy more McDonald's,no more sugary snacks,no more fried food,no more chips,no more pop.

    next, if your fat is mostly in your stomach area,do about 20 sit ups a day,gradually doing five more each will probably loose at most,fifteen pounds, but know that there is no quick fix for loosing wait

    and the only healthy way to loose wait is through healthy diet and exercise.if u don't loose 15 pounds by school,don't be discouraged because that is a lot of wait to loose in about a just keep will eventually fall off(within 3 months)and know that your happy with your body and you lost it in a healthy way.

    oh,and dont go back to your old ways after you loose the wait or it will just come right back.

    hope this helps :)

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    I know exactly what you mean! I'm 5'3, and i weighed 125 lbs, and i felt so bad. Then I used this website and dropped 28 pounds in 3 months. But i looked good after only a few weeks.

    copy and paste it, and register a free account. You just put in your age, height, weight, and how much you wanna loose or gain per week. then when you eat something, you can search it in the search bar and record it in your history. this site tells you how many calories a day you should eat to loose weight. good luck :-)

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    Your weight is normal, try and work out more and swap out some of your remaining fat for muscle.

    Also it's real easy to eat right too, just drink lots of water, eat generous amounts of fruits and vegetables, and lean meats. You can even eat things like white carbs in moderation. Stay away from diet soda too, just drink more water instead.

    And don't use pills, the quickest and easiest method is also the least effective, the least safe, and the most temporary.

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    1 hour? twice a week??

    that's not enough!

    you have to work really hard and at least burn 700 calories daily!!


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    you shouldn't be attempting to losse weight as you're a competent weight to your top at 118-a hundred and twenty#. do no longer eat too few energy which you're no longer getting ideal nutrition nor ideal volume of energy. do slightly diagnosis on the cyber web to verify what the correct volume of energy is for a individual of your top, weight and age.

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    if it makes u feel im 14 n i weight 130

    so ur finee

  • 1 decade ago

    Well,I don't think that you need to loose weight and you need to learn to love your body hun(:.

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    1 decade ago

    pills dont work !!!

    you should just exercise 20 minutes a day and just drink water !!!

  • 1 decade ago

    no you dont

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