How do you wipe out the hard drive/memory on an HP Pavilion PC/Windows XP?

My computer seems to have too many viruses.I would like to delete EVERYTHING on my HP Pavilion PC and start all over.In case it is important,the internet program I am using is Windows XP.PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help!!!!!

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    I have an HP.

    My Pavilion did not come with the reformat CD's.

    If you do not have a set of CD's that came along with the PC then Call HP Customer service and get your reformat CD's. They will be about 10 - 15 dollars depending on the type of shipping you choose.

    Once you've recieved them, pop them in before windows boots up, then when it asks to reformat, hit yes, and follow the instructions onward. Everything will be wiped and you will have a fresh clean factory install.

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    Do You have the Windows XP installation disk? If you do, you can insert the disk and it should ask you if you want to format your hard drive, if not you can restart your computer and when it starts the POST (usually it will have an HP logo on the screen with buttons you can press to do various things) you can press the boot management button and select boot from disk. It should reinstall windows XP for you. If you don't have the installation disks, a more complicated way of doing it is to take out the hard drive and put it in another computer to format it on there. I wouldn't recommend doing that if you don't have an operating system to install back on it though.

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    Your computer must had come with special CDs. You must find them and boot your computer from them. Look up "booting from a CD" in Yahoo or Google for more info 'bout that. You must use a disc labeled Restoring or Reformat or Format your computer. The disc itself will guide you through.

    If you don't have these special CDs you'll need an operating system CD such as Windows XP itself. Boot from it and select "Quick Format" in your drive to resintall it. The disc also has all guiding info in it.

    You must backup your personal info as you won't be able to get it back.

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    Honestly, you should probably try going to and ask the professionals. It is a free service and you can also interact with many other HP users to ask them for their opinions. You can also find and request drivers. They normally respond very quickly.

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