What are some of the possible replacements for the M16/M4?

The M16 has been in service for 40 years. And the M4 isn't much different, it's just shorter and can fire full auto (basically an M16 for urban combat). What are some of the possible replacements we might be seeing in the nearby future?

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    The m-4 is here to stay for a long time. The m-16 is outdated and is still used in boot camp, schools etc. They are finally starting to be phased out after 40 years. Once the military contracts and buys alot of weapons, they don't just discontinue that quick. As for alternatives I don't know. I know if you don't like it or you're a lousy shot sometimes they offer you a 249 machine gun instead. If you install a scope on it with infrared (acog) the m-4 is a pretty decent weapon.

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    Actually the M4 is 3 round burst. Well at least the one used in combat is. As for a replacement......They have been talking about it for some time but it is such a good weapon it has become difficult finding one worth the time and money to replace it. It fires a 5.56mm NATO round. As far as going with a bigger round I don't think so. They try and keep it as a weapon that has low recoil and can be fired over and over.

    I got out of the Army in may of this year and they were talking about the XM8. a couple friends of mine were selected to field test it (lucky as hell) They all said it was a pretty bad a## and liked it alot. Not sure how things are going with that but guess we'll see.

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    Possibly the SCAR if the Special Forces don't hog 'em all. But as for now there is a surplus of M16's amd M4's so I don't see them going away for a while.

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    Some guns I heard they have been considering are the Magpul Masada, FN SCAR, HK 416, and Barret REC7. Seems like the SCAR is the most likley right now though.

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    they're talking about going back to larger caliber for short range stopping power.

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