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virus help! please dont answer if you have no idea what you're talking about! lol?

Please computery proffesionaly people only! lol :)

Hi, i have a Dell inspiron 531, with Vista, and it is infected. Pretty bad. ParetoLogic Anti-Virus PLUS (free trial, so cant use it to fix them..) found these:

Adserv cookie

Live365 cookie





Crypt CFI Trojan

Allaple FYL Worm

Onlinegames BII Trojan

Abwu Adware

Allaple CTH Worm

Midgare ACT Trojan

Webtoolbar Mywebsearch ba Trojan

Trend Micro Antivirus (subscription ran out..) found and quarantined these files:





Gvhlp.dll and Gvutil.dll are from Gamevance, which was previously installed on our computer...but now i cant find the files that are infected. When i go to Program Files, there is no "Gamevance" folder.

So yeahh...

BTW, if you could, instead of just giving me programs to download, tell me something to do, let me do it, then i will reply, then tell me what to do next, you know, i can upload logs and such from programs maybe...or just email me here:

and we can email back and forth and u can walk me through it! Help would and will be MUCH appreciated!! Answer and say something if you are going to email so that i will check it. THANKS!

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    Try this:

    go to help , search for "system configuration utility"

    click on it

    click on startup and disable all

    click on system and check the "hide all microsoft programs" then disable all

    restart your computer.

    this (if it works) will only turn of the virus programs.

    my email:

    I"ll try and find out how to remove the files you listed, but removing .dll's can be tricky.

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    A few points to consider....

    You should never have 2 anti-virus programs installed at the same time (even if one is expired). Major conflicts can occur. One may even detect malware that is in the others quarantine!

    ParetoLogic is not a reputable anti-virus vendor. They are the makers of the infamous Xoft-soft, which was found to have been using false-positive detections as a goad to get people to buy the product.

    You can ignore any cookies or tracking cookies...they are not any kind of malware and pose no threat.

    FunWebProducts, MyWebSearch and Webtoolbar Mywebsearch ba Trojan are all very minor adware associated with such products as Cursor Mania and Smily Central. Uninstall any and all FunWebproducts to get rid of them.

    Viewpoint is another very minor adware that came with AIM, some AOL programs, and a media player called Viewpoint. Many anti-spyware programs do NOT even consider Viewpoint to be even a minor threat. (just noticed that you are indeed an AOL customer)

    Multiclicker-win.exe is nothing more than some kind of game cheat.

    Messenger Skinner is an adware that was delibrately downloaded to skin MSN messenger, uninstall it. Info:

    Honestly, I don't see much of any kind of serious problems on your machine. Just a lot of junky free programs with a lot of adware on them, that are mostly targeted to be downloaded by children.

    I know you don't want thie following advise, but I would strongly recommend uninstalling ParetoLogic, uninstalling Trend Micro (expired means useless) and download a 'Good" anti-virus program and a "Good" anti-spyware program and be done with it.

    1. For your Anti-Virus......I would suggest Avast, the newest version 4.8. Avast now includes anti-virus, some anti-spyware capability and anti-rootkit components. And all for the low low price of free. You can get it here:

    Let Avast do a boot-time scan and put anything it finds in the 'Chest".

    2. For your Anti-Adware and Anti-Spyware needs...


    They have a free version.

    Update SUPER, do a full system scan and quarantine what it finds.

    3. Good luck.

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