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Need help with percent equations?

Need to know how to write 15% of what number is 24 in a percent equation NOT PROPORTION

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  • Waheed
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    Let X is the answer then

    ( X ) x 0.15 = 24

    X = (24) /0.15 = 160 ans

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    Ok, since you're solving equations, I'll set up a proportion. 5% is equal to 5/100. (Always change the percent to a fraction). This is equal to some number x over 80, because we know that 5% of 80 is smaller than 80, so x is in the numerator. So what you have is: 5/100=x/80. (When you do percents x is always on top of the number you're finding the percent of). Now, solve by cross multiplying - muliply the 5 and the 80 together because they are diagonals, and 100 and x because they are diagonals (go across, or diagonal in cross multiplying). This will give you a new equation of 400=100x. All that is left to do is to divide both sides by 100 to get x isolated, and your answer is x=4. Hope this helps! Again: Set up proportion: 5/100=x/80 Cross multiply: 5(80)=100(x) Simplify: 400=100x Divide by 100: x=4

  • Heidi
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    Translate your English to Math.

    percent - out of 100

    of - multiply

    what number - x

    is - equals

    15/100 * x = 24


    0.15 * x = 24

  • 1 decade ago

    0.15*X =24

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