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okay i need help with my 1st kiss!?

okay guys and girls i am 13 all my friends have like already kissed a guy and i havent! i dont know what to do how to do it or anything. please help me!!!!!!! I am Kinda dessprate!

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    dont feel pressured to do something just cause all your friends have

    i was 15 when i had my first kiss and was on bf #4

    i wasn't ready to kiss a guy yet

    and after that i didn't kiss every guy i dated

    and when you do find a guy you want to kiss, wait for him to initiate it.

    it's much better that way :D

    pucker your lips a little and follow what he does

    that's what i did

    and eventually i found what i liked best :D

    if he parts his lips you do the same

    if he slips his tongue past your lips allow it and reciprocate

    it's all a matter of how comfortable with

    go slow girlie

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    Don't panic! You've got plenty of time!

    I have classmates who are nineteen and twenty who still haven't had their first kiss!

    I think I was just about to turn fifteen when I had my first kiss...two whole years older than you are now!

    When the time is right and you've met the right person, it'll just happen. Move slowly, relax, and if you're a bit nervous, maybe say so, because the guy probably is nervous, too, and he might find it cute that you are, also :)

    If the first kiss is kind of awkward, don't worry! It'll be funny later! The first time I kissed, I completely missed! Like, I totally missed! Closed my eyes too soon and went right past him!'s cute now, to look back on it, five years later.

    Your day will come! It'll be well worth all this time you've waited!

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    ok first of all, i haven't kissed anybody either. I am a good advice giver and im trying to help anyone who needs it. OK, listen, just because you haven't kissed a guy isn't a bad thing. I bet you half of the people you meet didn't like the kiss, it didn't feel right, or they didn't even like the guy. Trust me, i know this sounds corny, but you must wait. I know what your enduring. But waiting is the key. You have to take one step at a time, find a guy, with parental consent, and make sure it feels right, You don't want to rush things your thirteen. Just relax, breathe, the time will come ok? You will meet a guy and enjoy it. Don't do what friends influence you too.

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    the important thing is to put your mouth on some dudes mouth and thats it...and if its go to open mouth then open ur mouth im 14

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