What type of anexity disorder do I have?

Ok well im always worrying about health and stuff any ache I have I freak out im 14 and I've had anxiety problems before but never this bad. i'm going to the doctors soon to get her diagnosis but I was wondering what you guys think. I also do a lot of rituals like as if I had OCD I have to touch certian things 4 times or i have to touch them an even number and i do more things but theres too many to list. Im a hypochondriac and I like I said I panic over any pain which is why I think i do all the rituals. I think its GAD and OCD. Could it just be OCD? I had OCD when I ws younger but I thought i got rid of it becuase I never really did anymore rituals untill i turned 12 or 13.


Webster its really weird cause i was actully at that website when you sent it too me lol and yeah Cancer is what freaks me out and its not only me im worried about its my family too.

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    It sounds like anxiety.

    If you make up your mind you have OCD then you have it.

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    Sounds alot like OCD. Do you have to make sure all the doors are locked and stuff like that? If so you've defiantly got OCD. Panicing over pain is normal with OCD, I used to do it everytime i had a stomach pain i always used to say "It might be cancer" when it was nothing serious.

    Source(s): http://hcd2.bupa.co.uk/fact_sheets/html/obsessive_... sorry im editing again lol. Worrying about your family is another sign of OCD (i was diagnosed with it last year) and i always thought about my family being in an accident or being murdered and that stopped me doing alot of things! Good luck :)
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    It could be your anxiety and hormones, its normal for teenagers to be a little stressed, about the ocd definitely talk to a doctor about that because maybe its just emotional, or you could be a hypochondriac and are just worried like you said, its perfectly normal, just dont let it hold you back from the fun things, live your life.

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    Its not GAD. Your anxiety is not a self-standing disorder but a symptom of your OCD and being a hypochondriac.

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