I'm afraid i might be Bi or a Lesbian?

Btw: I'm 14


All my cousins make fun of Lesbians, Especially my cousin who i always talk to for Support,She is immature and only 13. Witch makes this hard.

Ok, in school, in the locker room, I saw this girl undress and i couldn't stop looking at her in the corner of my eye, and i always find myself looking at lesbian porn. help?

Update 2:

The "BTW: im 14" was the additional details, Somehow they got mixed up. :| the long part is the main stuff. :]

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    Ah first dont be AFRAID. It's really not uncommon for women to look at other women and what can I say I think lesbian porn is hott and I'm not saying this becasue I am one lol I thought so way before I figured out what I was- or rather how I identify myself. Still, YOU HAVE ALOT OF TIME TO FIGURE ALL THIS OUT. So def don't think just because the people around you are immature about it you have to hurry and "come out" or feel the need to keep it quiet. Like the other person above said I'd advise talking to someone a counselor or find the lgbt club at school or at a local meeting place in your area. They have quite a few in LA , I'm not sure how common it is to have lesbian and gay centers.

    Also I found that the ppl who were immature with me about it in high school now are all bi or gay. How ironic. People use idiocy to shield how they REALLY feel,because a lot of the time they are just as confused.

    good luck ;]

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    being afraid, is the wrong way to look at it, even though, when i first found out that i was gay, i was terrified...

    it could be something to do with your hormones as you are only 14, but it could also just be a natural thing. Just try experimenting with other girls and see how you feel, that usually helps in this kind of situation.

    being gay/lesbian is completely normal and is nothing to be scared of, we have been around for centuries and I'm sure we're not going to die out any time soon :)

    i don't want to say accept yourself as lesbian/bisexual, just accept yourself as having fallen in love with someone of the same sex, there is absolutely no harm in it whatsoever. If you feel that you need someone to talk to who is more mature, then you can always email me :)

    Good Luck


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    Allot of teens have the same problem, they get confused with their sexual orientation, it passes in allot of cases. but just wait it out and see.

    But i wouldn't be afraid of something you were meant to be anyway, if it turns out you are either Bi or Lesbian don't hide from it, embrace it, because it's not a bad thing. And as for your relatives, what would they know about it, they obviously don't understand, so ask someone who will give you good wisdom and guidance.

    Btw i had the same problem a little while ago, now I'm 19, i know I'm straight, but still seem to watch lesbian porn or whatever to, i don't even know why, but i think it's natural to have these feelings, discovering who you are and who your meant to be

    good luck

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    Are you "afraid" (which btw u shouldnt be afraid) that ur bi, or are you SURE that ur bi and are just trying to supress it because of social peer pressure? You really don't have to tell everyone all at once, if you aren't even sure yourself yet. Take a break and explore your sexuality. You're young, you'll find the right time to tell them when you're comfortable, but you have to get comfortable with telling yourself, first.

    Source(s): 14 y/o bi
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  • As you stated you are 14 and your hormones are changing. This is a very awkward time for all teens and only you will truly know the answer to this question in time. It is far more comfortable for every teenage girl to say "I think I am bi..." where in truth each sex looks at the same and/or opposite sex and says "I wish I had her body or his body, or he/she is hot/etc"

    Let time run its course and save the labels for what they are needed on.

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    I suggest you seek the online community for support, seeing as your relatives aren't a solid foundation. DON'T SEEK ADVICE from anybody as immature as them. Don't worry about being a lesbian! Times are a-changin'!

    Also, I always think that everybody is a little bi. Maybe just a little. :p

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    if u like only gurlz and get turned on only by gurlz then u r lesbian. if u like guys also and get turned on by guys and gurls then u r bi.

    im 16 an am lez. let me kno if u want 2 find out mor about lesbians!

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    You should just accept it. Be a lesbian or bi. Be who you think you should be.You should be a lesbian or you should be bi. You pick who you think you should be.

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    you ll never know what you are unless you actually go out with a girl

    but anyways unless you into guys also then ur bi if not ur lez but it deosnt reely matter love is blind:)

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    Feel free to be what you are, as long as your partners are willing.

    Nevertheless I think that you are too young for "real action" but let your fantasies roam freely.

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