My crazy ex, why she acting like this?

Lat night I wrote on her that my ex broke up wtih me a cople weeks ago due to me too clingy. If I has a chance to be with her again I would give her more space this time. I only was trying too show her affection and how much I appreciate her, since all her other past bfs treated her like crap. I became a little insure in the relationship because she told me she was over her ex yet but she said she still liked me and still wanted to be together. Too me her still liking this other guy got me really uncomfortable and I started to question why we were together. She finally broke up with me because she couldnt deal with my clingyness and insecurities. Snce the break up she wants nothing to do with me and have seen I side of her I never knew. She is very insulting and has mad fun of me and tells me how much she hates me. I did nothing to hurt her.

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    because she is a woman

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    I hate to break it to you but she used you as a rebound. She is the one who out right told you she liked someone else and then breaks up with you because your insecure? Tell her to screw off. You didn't do anything wrong except for maybe not dumping her the moment she told you she still wanted her ex. I would say your too damn good for her and it sounds like she wants a boyfriend who treats her like crap. So, let her have it. The next time she insults you tell her to **** off. Tell her you'll have a better woman who appreciates a real man and she'll still be just as screwed as she is now. Just make it seem like you don't give a crap and she'll either stop or she'll regret loosing you. Either way, your better off. This girl plays head games so find someone else.

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    feels like a actual loopy, it is for helpful. He in all probability meant it while he suggested he mandatory his area from you, in the beginning. yet having the flexibility to communicate on a men behalf , whilst quickly as we injury up with the lady for in spite of stupid reason, in the event that they are not getting lower back jointly,m there'll particularly much be a era the place the guy continues to be very possessive over his ex, so that's purely well-known for him to act like that. provide him it slow, and the great immature jealousy element will pass.

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    she;s still getting over the break up faze. she's hurt. she felt you were with her too much and she felt that you had nothing better to do then to always be around her.since i am a girl i know how it is when guys are clingy. she will get over this soon, and you will be friends again :)

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    that was really sweet of you writing her and trying to get her back. she's definitely acting immature. i understand where your coming from on the still liking her ex. i've been going through the same thing except he wants me to wait til he figures out what he wants to do. nope forget that. don't stoop to her level on the name calling and stuff...that's just her way of trying to get over you. but if she can do that to you when she "liked" you so much, then maybe its best you guys are over.

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    Maybe she is seeking attension. I would worry about it too much.

    Just dont txt her or call her. Wait for her to contact you. Trust me. If she cares for you at all she will.

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    aww she obviously hates herself and doesnt know what she wants. I would just move on and find a girl that will love you back just as much.

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    judging from what you said. she's probably very insecure and childish. don't mind what she said and just ignore her. in the end you will come out the bigger man.

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    you gotta get over it!

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