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Comparing 2 computers for a couple of tasks like vid encoding. Plz read and 10 points for the best answer.?

computer 1

sempron 3400+

3 gb ram

8800 gs vid card

hdd- ocz- vertex

windows vista ultimate

computer 2

amd 64 x2 5600+

3 gb ram

8800 gs vid card

hdd- ocz-vertex

windows vista ultimate

1. For video encoding a big video if computer 1 takes 900 seconds then how long would computer 2 take.

2. If both computers were playing gears of war 2 how many fps would computer 1 give and how many fps would computer 2 give.

3. Lets say both these computers had to open up CS4 how much time would computer 1 take and how much time would computer 2 take.


10 points for the best answer.

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    Obviously, go for the 64 x2 option, as two cores do a better job than a single core any day.

    Some people may contradict me, but why not go for the Intel Core2Duo processors, as money seem to be no problem for you (the difference in cash is translated in better performance). Or Intel Quad Core, the Q6600 may be a bit more expensive more that a Core2Duo 6600. I would say that the Q6600 would be better than any of the two AMD options, but you will have to look for another motherboard.

    At home, I have an Intel Core2Duo E6300, 2GB ram (GEIL Ultra) and Abit AW9D motherboard and don't have fps problems when playing GOW2 or using Photoshop CS3 or any audio/video encoding tools.

    Please don't forget to reply when you have made a choice.

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