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Why is weed illegale ?

There have been no deaths in recorded history from marijuana. side affects only include tiredness anxiety munchies short term memory loss. short term as in while u are high. its a pain reliever that is more affective and less dangerous than aspirin. the only way anyone could be harmed by it is if a pregnant woman smoked it or, if someone were to drive under the influence of it.

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    the people who answered above me are clueless - weed has never been attributed to a single death in the history of the world, while tobacco causes 435,000 deaths a year in the US alone - and yet, tobacco is legal and weed is not? that makes absolutely no sense. here is a list of the leading causes of death in the US:

    Tobacco 435,000

    Poor Diet and Physical Inactivity 365,000

    Alcohol 85,000

    Microbial Agents 75,000

    Toxic Agents 55,000

    Motor Vehicle Crashes 26,347

    Adverse Reactions to Prescription Drugs 32,000

    Suicide 30,622

    Incidents Involving Firearms 29,000

    Homicide 20,308

    Sexual Behaviors 20,000

    All Illicit Drug Use, Direct and Indirect 17,000

    Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs Such As Aspirin 7,600

    Marijuana 0

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    While it's true WiccaGirl that marijuana is clearly intoxicating and stepping behind the wheel of a vehicle is a poor choice, that particular pro-marijuana argument is that weed itself has not been linked to a death. One could argue that toast is dangerous if eaten while driving. Alcohol, prescription drugs, street drugs, and cigarettes all have caused abundant and observed deaths by themselves. While the deaths related directly to marijuana simply may not have been documented yet, as of right now it's arguably far 'safer' than other legally intoxicating substances.

    Anyways, why is pot illegal? There has been far too much negativity surrounding it for far too long and quite often the most vocal advocates for its legalization or decriminalization are scarcely qualified to debate on the matter. I also think that people see legalization as too black and white, as if allowing people to smoke means that every man, woman, and child would be high all day with no regulation or oversight which is foolish.

    My stance on the subject is that there's far more pressing matters these days. It may be a hassle to smoke illegally but it doesn't stop anybody from doing so.

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    Because weed is a great medicine plant and the goverment knows this, therefore they dont want it in the country, because it would impact the sales on phamysudicals and a few bigwigs making a ton of money off pills that are crazy expensive dont want that to happen., also weed opens up your mind and thats the last thing our government wants right now is for peole to think for themselfs instead of relying on our corrupt media for thoughts, think about the 60's and 70's when smoking pot wasnt really that big of a deal legally , people would actually protest when stuff was going wrong in our country, now days we do nothing now that alcohol is the main "social" thing. as far as health goes weed really just isnt great for your lungs when smoked, all the brain cell damage is just hogwash, that has been taught to us since we were little, watch "SUPER HIGH ME" and that shouldnt even be an issue considering how many people smoke cigs which isnt even real tobacco, just chemical sticks. weed is not bad, its a shame that so many people are brainwashed to think so

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    Propaganda about it. People need to realize marijuana can help people with cancer such as my uncle. Also think of how much money would be pumped into the economy if it were legal. It really would be a green economy

    Also if it were legal the mexican cartels would lose significant money and power.

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    The Cristian way of thinking , no weed , but people driving around drunk killing people is ok ! To much weed will only bring on the love Jones , get you the eating up everything you see! ANT NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

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    make it legal and tax it the way they do alcohol and tobacco.(in canada at least)although i,m sure there would still be those bitching about the fact that it would be taxed and still have there own crops anyways,or obtain it illegally..

    its a winless battle..

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    Because pot is for ******* losers, you cant even spell illegal right so you must be ******* high right now. You must be a ******* queer.

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    its more concentrated than cigs so it would eventually kill you and lead to cancer and stuff.

    Plus, no one really likes pot heads. They're fools who get high and do nothing with their lives which makes some people angry.

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    It's ignorant to think that pot has not contributed to people dying.

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    because it kills your brain cells and makes you not be able to spell illegal. and it makes our citizens unproductive and useless pieces of **** to society.

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