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Is My guppy sleeping or dying?

My male guppy is at the top of the tank but he is not on its side. He is also fluttering his fins and his tale. Please help i don't want to lose my guppy i only had him for a day.


Now he is mocing around does that mean he was sleeping

Update 2:

i mean moving sorry for the mistake

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    Amonia levels are high. "When amonia goes up, nitrates(helpful bacteria) go down, when you do water changes it goes the other way around" Remember that.

    Source(s): Fishkeeping experience(ps I made up that jingle)
  • somethings is wrong with the water, either it is too warm, or something else. check ph. always check the water sample and ask them how much salt they use. also what chemicals they use in the water. fish should be slowly introduced to new tanks if you do not have similar conditions as the pet store you get your fish.

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    How big is the tank? My guppy had same problem and died the day, Sorry!

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    i cant make a full diagbosis, but id say that your fish has a swim bladder disorder. see the pet store and ask them

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