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what is the best way to lose the flab over your abs?

okay well i have decent abs, and ab strength, but me being chubby in my youth made me have this little layer of flab covering my abs, when i flex very hard you can see the six pack shine through, but how do you lose that little bit of flab to get that showy six pack? if its dieting related please leave a detailed guide :) thanks

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    One of the best exercises is the ab crunch sequence. This exercise will ensure that you work each section of the abdominal musculature. These are a super slow set of crunches where you lay on your back on with knees bent, put your hands behind head and elbows out to the sides. Then lift each vertebra off the floor one by one until you're in the sit up position then do the same all the way back down to the begining position. Barely stop at the top and at the bottom. Keep in constant motion. Do these to fatigue making sure to breathe throughout the exercise. Follow up with 2 sets of alternating obliques where you take each elbow and go to the opposite sidewhile you are "curling up." Being careful to again lift each vertebra off the ball one by one. And, concentrate on making a smooth arc in the air with your elbow then alternate sides. No matter how far you get you will have worked both sides evenly. You can also do these on the floor with your feet ankered under a sofa.

    If you're also loosing some weight at the same time you'll see tone more quickly because you'll have less of the subcutaneous fat (fat under the skin) and see definition more quickly. Try the anti-inflammatory diet on Dr. Seaman's site at under anti-inflammatory diet guidelines.

    Best of luck to you!

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    Have you thought of fasting intermittently?

    While you're not eating your body kicks in and burns lots of fat in a short period of time.

    You'll be surprised how easy it is once you decide to give it a go. By fasting say one day a week you'll gradually gain control over your appetite, which is the key.

    It might sound silly, but you actually function better when you are not eating. You think more clearly and you have more energy. Exercise is easier as well.....You have to exercise, otherwise there's no point in dieting at all!

    You could start by pushing your breakfast back to lunchtime. Then next time you do it maker it later, then later.....until you've reached your goal time and you can eat again!

    The thing that makes it attractive for me is that I can still eat normally the rest of the week. And it’s amazing how much better a well-cooked meal tastes when you haven’t eaten all day!

    Read some interesting stories and great hints by people who found short fasting an easy way to lose weight at this site.

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    Maxi, You do not need to lose weight. It is possible you need toning. Do Yoga and weight training. Do not drop 8 pounds. You'll send your body into Hibernation, Stop your Period ,cause damage to your thought processes, and Burnout your Adrenal Glands. •Get a Moleskine Wellness Journal and keep track of your daily activity ($13/amazon) A Livescribe Computer Pen ($60 refurbished) and Evernote APP ( note taking & organizing) •Take a Multi-vitamin/Mineral daily • Read: Our Bodies, ourselves by the Boston Women's Consortium. Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom by Dr. Northrup. Read: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey.

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    diet.. 6 small meals a day. plenty of fruits and veggies.. stsay awat from sugary things.

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