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How do you cope with the love of your life, your everything dying?

This is My Process of Death, How I lived right after Jonathan’s suicide.

First week – Denial, I tried to let it out but tears wouldn’t come, I didn’t cry.

Second Week – Despair, processing it, I started hiding my pain from people, I slept allot

Third week – Trying to hide my self completely branched off from friends. Started drinking and smoking harder. Sleeping during the day, nights spent lingering.

Fourth week – I spent this week trying to get back into life and moving on, failing repeatedly.

Am I wrong...? What Do I Do.. I feel like I'm the one who is dead..


I already struggle from depression, as did he, we were perfect... But he took the easy way out.

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    I honestly feel really sorry that you had to go through that all by yourself. Your problem is a very common one, however extremely extremely hard to solve. You need to understand that there might have been so many reasons why Jonathan decided to call it quits, but none of those can be justified now. You have problems in life only to face them and not to run away from them. Smoking and drinking will get you absolutely nowhere, and neither will your current state of depression. You need to get rid of your old self and get a new life. You need a reason to live.

    Try following this to-do list for the next week; I know you will feel great by the end of the week.

    1. Start each day with a prayer, thanking God for all His little mercies.

    2. Read one chapter of the book of Psalms in the Bible every day.

    3. Visit an orphanage. Don't just see them; enjoy your time with them. Play with the children and try to help them out with their homework.

    4. Get on a healthy diet. Stop anything nicotine and anything alcohol. Start exercising.

    5. If you've been clean (alcohol free) for a while then try donating blood.

    6. Get a makeover (new hairstyle, new clothes, etc) and go out with your friends.

    7. Make sure you aren't left alone the whole week. If it means you need have a friend sleeping over, get it organized.

    8. Get a puppy or a kitten.

    Please understand that your beloved Jonathan has showed you very clearly how not to live your life. And for that you should be grateful. I also think it's time you let him go. Let his spirit rest in peace knowing that you'll be happy and not be forced to do what he was.

    Source(s): The mind is the most powerful resource.
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    this is seriously what happned to me i lost my dad, grandmother and my uncle all in one year and i just got so depressed. i didint eat anything at all becuase i never even though about eating i slept during the day i just got really messed up and it hurt i hid from freinds and family. but i remember one day i was in my grandmothers house and i was in the bathroom looking in the mirror and then i just started crying and i asked god to make me a happy person again and make me enjoy life and i must of cried for 2 hours but i felt sooo much better afterwards and things started to get better for me. When someone is taken from you god sends someone else.

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    First of all no one is anybody's everything.

    Just hang in there, you're actually very similar to most people who lose a loved one.

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