Do I sound like i am ugly?

I always look in the mirror because many people have told me I look ugly...I get really upset by that but... ok... I have a soft peachy cheek with a slight palish,tannish skin colour, I have dark brown hair that is slightly wavy and long/medium and it's brown in colour. I have green eyes that sometimes look grey with a thin (but not model thin) kind of body... I seriously think my skin colour is gross, I think my eye colour is scary, and I hate my brown hair....people keep telling me "oh you should be a blonde with blue contacts on then I will like you better"...I kinda like my look and kinda hate it... and i was wondering if you think it looks ok...? I am really upset about this....freakin middle school kids...


ok... the story is I use to be in the "popular" group.. and then I wanted the "normal" people to become popular too so I helped them out with hair and make-up and tried to get the popular kids to join me.. they thought it was a joke and started ditching me... I now have new friends but I also kinda miss my before friends... all I did was help...and I get this huge punishment...

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    Middle school kids are just cruel. You sound very pretty. Your coloring sounds unique and like something you don't want to mess with. You don't need to be a generic pale blonde with blue eyes. Don't get me wrong. People who naturally have this look are attractive, too, but please don't squash yourself into a mould because of insensitive people.

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    How are you going.. You unfavourable guy.. you would be heartbroken. i think of of there are adult adult males and girls available indoors a similar life which you reside. i replaced into such as you have been approximately 10 years interior the previous. i replaced into basically no longer comfortable with adult adult males and that i replaced into such as you an same. yet I basically sat down faster or later and concept * Who cares what i seem as though * i'm going out just to celebrate and if I meet a bloke this could nicely be an advantage, If I dont' who cares, i'm no longer likely to die. have you ever tried different subjects like shifting from the area you're, growing to be to be to be a member of a club, pastime ect.. there are an magnificent variety of girls that are basically as scared as you're. Do you have a information superhighway internet site which you will have the means to located a photo on and probably ask people there what they think of of like myspace. you are going to be able to get 1000's of acquaintances of there. besides good fulfillment and bear in mind you on the on the spot are actually not on my own.

  • you sound fine and if you're just in middle school you don't realize this now but almost everyone in their is a jerk and will try to tear you down plus you have years ahead of you. Don't worry what jerks think and try to boost your self esteem because if you feel like you look ugly it will be hard to make people thin k your pretty even if you are.

  • Freakin middle school kids is right. But don't worry, it just gets worse in high school. You sound beautiful. People say your ugly and make other feel inferior to make themselves feel better, and have no idea what they're talking about. You've convinced yourself to agree with them, and now you need to convince and make yourself feel beautiful., because you are, because I said so. Ha ha, just kidding.

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    If they say they'll like you better if you look like this or that, then stop hanging out with them. If they can't respect you for who you are, they're not your true friends. I personally think you sound very pretty. You just have low self-esteem. Don't let other people's opinions affect you.


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    ignore them..

    thats immature about them..

    a pic would b better and

    u do not sound ugllyy

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    No, you sound like you have low self-esteem.

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    well lets see a pic first...

  • 1 decade ago

    would be better with a pic. but no, you dont sound ugly. just insecure.

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