How can I get comfortable driving?

Hi. I'm 18, graduated high school earlier this year, and without a license. Not having a license is restricting for obvious reasons, especially since I'm in metro Detroit. I can't drive to college if/when I go this Fall/Winter, I can't get a job if I wanted to, I can't go where I want when I want, among other things.

I got my learners permit in May, and have only driven four times - briefly - since. Let me just say, I haven't done great. I've been comfortable at times, but I'm not good at judging when to press the brake or let go of the gas, mainly because the sense of speed to me while being in a car isn't very high.

I still haven't driven in a lot of traffic, on the express way, or even used my turn signal to merge into a lane.

I wouldn't say I'm scared to drive, but I'm very nervous. What can I do? It seems that when I get into a car and try to calm myself down, it doesn't work. My heart beats fast and I get uneasy, even when I know I shouldn't be acting that way.


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    driving is easy for some people and terrifying for others.

    i know i was a fast learner but i remember when my mom was learning, she hated it.

    really, the only way to be comfortable is to get more experience. first time i drove, i was nervous, but second and third time, i got more relaxed.

    driving school might help you calm down. you learn skills and you get a discount on your insurance rate. if you can afford driving school, take it.

    good luck!

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    In my opinion you need to practice with a professional instructor. They will have control of their own brakes and also over the wheel. That will make you feel more relaxed. The courses are usually not more than $200.

    Remember that you need to stay calm, because you need to concentrate in doing things right. I recommend you, before actually driving around just put your foot on the gas and pass it over to the brake while the engine is not on (this will get you familiar with your car). Then practice in a parking lot, releasing the gas little by little for no more than 10 feet and than braking, repeat this procedure until you feel comfortable enough to "know when" to press each one in a bigger road.

    Remember always before making change lanes, to turn on your blinker, check your blind spot, and look over your shoulder, also watch your speed.

    The more you practice, the better you'll get at this. Remember when learning to ride your bike?

    Good luck, and trust yourself!

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    Driving a car is easy. When i got my permit which was the first day i turned 15 i was speeding around loving it. It's easy but you have to watch out when you switch lanes and that kind of stuff. Take it easy.

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    youre thinking toooooo much about driving. maybe get a nice calming air freshner that reminds you of home or something. make sure your seat is at a goood position.

    but the best way to get over it, is to keep driving.

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