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What do you think about Los Angeles?

Yes that is where I am from and I am just curious about what other people think about this great city.

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    I wasn't born in Los Angeles but I've lived here since I was four, and it's the place where I've raised my children. I've lived in the bad areas and the nice areas and both are beautiful. The diversity of people and languages gives it its flavor. We've got all types of Asian and Latin foods, delicious soul food, and American classics. Then there's the fancy European stuff too, but too expensive for my tastes. haha

    Like all of California, it's beautiful. I have favorite spots to experience the beauty. One is standing in the parking lot of Dodger Stadium at night, the beauty of downtown ahead, the lights and structures. Another place is at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena at dusk, right before a game starts. The pink sky and the silhouette of the mountains is a magnificent sight. These two sights, I believe, show the metropolitan and natural beauty of the city.

    As Randy Newman put it, I Love LA.

    Source(s): Los Angeleno for 40+ years. And thanks to my father for choosing Los Angeles over New York and Buenos Aires.
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    It depends on what portion of LA you speak of.

    - There are areas where it would be dangerous to be at both night and day.

    - There's the "glam" of LA, with shopping areas and tourist and attractions.

    - There is the Sunset Strip, where people still think we're in the 70's.

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    everybody wants to move here -- - dont ask me why. it's a third world city! everybody loves the weather until it hits 85 or above.

    I like four seasons myself. and the beach? I'd rather mainline with a dirty needle than swim in that, God only knows what vermin are out there, ocean.

    And don't even get me started on the sub par public education the city provides. You have 12th graders reading on a 3rd grade level. Shameful, Just bloody shameful.

    don't even ask them to point another country on a map. hell most of them think that Washington DC is is in Washington state. Ask the whats halfway between N. Hollywood and san demas and most will tell you burbank they haven't got a clue. but ask them what Kobe Bryant's shooting average was last year.. and they can recite that along every other bit of worthless trivia in the NBA.

    They might know who Obama is, but ask them who their city council person is, and they give you a look like you're from outer space!

    and don't even get me started on the neanderthals that move here to become celebrities. most of them are talentless period. and even the known celebrities are for the most part brainless idiots.

    and i haven't even touched the massive Illegal alien problem

    I could write novels about them, but my cat is scratching my back because he wants some attention.

    the negatives outweigh the positives.

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    it's a unique city because it really is a prime example of a melting pot, there are beautiful areas to it, and a lot of ghetto and unpleasant areas to it

    I abhor the traffic, the pollution, and the rudeness of people throughout the whole city. I've traveled around the world and I've got to admit that I've never met more rude and arrogant people thatn LA, yes not even in NYC or even in France!

    but I've got to admit that I love the weather, sure we complain about the heat in the summer, but it's much better than that sticky hot humidity of other places, and it never gets as hot as it does in the desert areas, and I live in the San Fernando Valley!

    It's place you hate to love, and love to hate

    Source(s): born and raised in LA
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    Pat Buchanan may have said it best recently when he wrote a column in which he described the city's racial and ethnic diversity as the cause of its problems. I wish I could find a link to it somewhere.

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    that were my brother was born... thats all i can think of also it being called the city of angels.. thats all iknow about los angeles

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