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What personality do women prefer?

A funny nice guy who does not like to fight but is not a push over or a tough serious guy that fights and does not take any crap?

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    Personally, i like i guy that has agood personality. Someone who is loyal, sensitive, and and can make you laugh. Somebody who can make you be completely happy and totally enjoy yourself by just being with him, without any reference to your body. and someone who loves you for who you are, not because you have preferable physical body parts.

    out of your choices i would choose the first type, but i advice you to just be yourself, dont try to take a new personality :)

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    A funny nice guy who doesn't like to fight, but will stand up for what he thinks is right.

    He wont let his woman walk all over him all the time. :)

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    Every girl is different. Personally, I love a guy with a good sense of humor because I love to laugh. I don't want a guy who's constantly getting into fights or arguments because I don't want him to constantly try to fight or argue with me.

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    I will prefer the second one provided the fight is for proper reason and does not take any crap

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    Definitely the first guy.

    GOtta have a sense of humor and guys that show weaknesses [but not too much like a pushover of course] is cute. it shows they are not afraid to be human and make mistakes

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    Funny nice guy! :P

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    Sure, but we always like a little bad boy attitude too[:

    If you can make me laugh you are awesome:D

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    First one!!! but i prefer somewhere in the middle of that...

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