What to do with my hair?

Ok, this is kind of a hard question to ask because I want to be as clear as possible and not leave any details out. For starters, I'm half black half white, my hair is thick and semi-coarse to the point where if I don't put anything in it, it will frizz something fierce. My hair is currently layered and somewhere between seven and nine inches long. I'm trying to grow out my relaxer. I'm going to get my hair cut later this month, and I don't know what to do! I'm not so worried about the cut, but I don't know if I should keep my relaxer or grow it out. Right now I only have a mild relaxer, so my hair isn't straight, my curls are just looser. I hate my hair now, because it's full and curly at the top and thin and wavy at the bottom. It will probably take me about three to four months to grow the relaxer completely out. Should I continue to grow the relaxer out, get another mild relaxer, or get a relaxer to make my hair really straight. Also, if anyone can help me with this, what is the best way for me to straighten my hair with a flat iron? (Names of products and flat irons would be nice) Thanks!


It's a chemical relaxer and I get it professionally done, if that makes a difference.

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