Why does xbox suck !!!!!!!!!!!!?

Come on now, lets all be real. The xbox fails compare to the PlayStation..

xbox 360


$50 xbox live 1 year

$100 dollars for wifi


new hard drive when u used 120GB = 150 (wow)



total = 399

500GB hard drive 70-100 dollars (YEA)!!!

xbox live is horrible i was playing halo 3 online, it was lag everywhere.. horrible horrible

PSN is good not perfect but i was playing killzone2 i never lag yet


PS3 = nothing YLOD BAH thats a 1% chance of happening

End of the day the Ps3 is the cheaper system.. Idiots like ya see the 299 price tag and just get it. the ya get YIP!!! lmao!!!! i got 17 friends who bought the xbox and 12 of them got RRoD.

now they each have ps3's and we all love them and agree Bill gates sucks at making computers and he sucks at making game systems

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    1 decade ago
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    Fanboys are annoying.

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