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i masturbate blood this happens every time is ti lethal how can i tell my mom?

seamen blood seamen


Update 2:

i masturbate once every week or 5 days

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    I think Kolby has the right advise. Just make sure you get it seen to by a Doctor. Even go the the local health clinic if you have something like that nearby. Mum's tend to know what their kids are doing, but to make it a bit closer to the truth you could just tell her that your "wet dreams" of late have been a bit blood streaked. It's closer to the truth, but not so embarrassing. Good Luck. Bottom Line.....anything a bit unusual needs to be seen to by a doctor. Don't stress. Mum's handle most things ok, once the shock wears off! (I am a mum of 6 aged from 19 down to 3)

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    That is very, very awful. I'm not sure on the specifics, but something bad can definitely happen if you continue letting this go.

    If you find it awkward telling your mom that you discovered it masturbating, tell her you found it in your urine, and then schedule an appointment for your family doctor. Tell her that you'd rather go in by yourself. Then tell the doctor what really happened.

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    You might have a prostate infection. You need to see a Doc.

    Tell you mom blood is in the pee if you need to, But go see a doc.

    Tell the Doc the truth! Blood in the urine is a different organ.

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    that is way serious. there are two ways of doing this.

    1: u go outright and tell her exactly how it is no beating around the bush and she will immediately takee you.


    2: u tell her that u have a really bad problem and u need to go see a doctor fast,if she asks, just say it is really bad and i don't feelcomfortablee telling you, if she says it's ok tell me, u say look i'm sorry but i can't, let the doctor tell you, if she presses on say, it is a boy problem and it is serious,and it needs help, but i can't tell you because it is to discomforting, just please take me.

    that should work, most parents will not put up too much of a fight but uhavee to do it like u mean it.

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  • trixi
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    you won't be 13, yet you're performing such as you're. it is not substantial how lots you want a canines. Your mom does not, and you reside in her living house. once you progression out, get in spite of you wish. yet mutually as you reside below somebody else's roof, you stick to their rules. end of tale. develop up and give up whining. mutually as i'd have enjoyed a canines when I graduated college, I moved lower back living house and lived with my mum and dad for a pair years to help out with my father, who became into in damaging well being. mutually as I had a sturdy interest and would have afforded a canines, my mom did no longer prefer one around at that factor. I additionally did no longer understand the place i'd be residing next, and how complicated it ought to be to discover a canines-friendly place to stay. So wager what? i did no longer get one. Neither did I moan and whine and whinge approximately it. And a sturdy element, too. My next circulate took me to a place I had hassle looking a condo i ought to have the money for that would even enable my small caged pets, no longer to point out one that would have allowed a canines! I waited to get a canines until I moved lower back and acquired a house. in view that's what to blame adults ought to do. They comprehend the purposes of those they stay with, and that they think of forward and make logical judgements.

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    I personally wouldn't tell my mother. Just try not to masturbate, and then blood won't come out. But that is hard to stop touching your penis.

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    I cant beleive nobody said this yet but go to your dad...unless hes not around then just tell your mom and say man problem and i need to go to the doctor NOW

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    tell your mom that when you pee blood comes out then go into the doctors office by yourself and tell him the real story. DONT TELL MOM THE TRUTH! Try to avoid telling her the truth unless you have to on this one.

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    Just tell her it bleeds. You don't have to tell her about the masturbating bit. But you have to have a doctor check it out.

  • 1 decade ago

    does this mean you masturbate to blood, or when you *** it is blood, OR you Jack blood off? I'm confused

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