Do you get to choose what you want to do in the Marine Corps.?

I want to join the Marine Corps, but I want to be in special ops. If there is a way, can I get a pretty good chance at being in MARSOC. Or does every operator get choosen?

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    Usually you can choose your job. its difficult, be fit, be motivated, have cop training, and active military. Thats my dads job, strongwilled no *******.

  • Alex
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    1 decade ago

    Work your way up. Those who think they can just walk into a Specops program generally....typically always wash out. It isn't that they can't handle the physical load, it is just a huge mentality change. Best way is to spend a couple years in infantry and than go to MARSOC. Your odds will greatly increase and you will have the mentality of a Marine and not a civilian.

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    MARSOC is a Specialty Unit, in other words you can not choose to be that. In the Marine Corps you get to choose your MOS (Military Operation Specialty) which is basically choosing your job Field, EX: i chose Infantry, they shoce Infantry Rifleman. my buddy chose Infantryman as well, they chose Artillery for him. as MARSOC there are ways to get in, but it is FAR from easy.. and will take much much work.

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