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Do you think the beginning of my Secret Life fanfiction is good?

This is an Ashley and Ricky story and its kind of based off last nights episode. Its in Ashleys POV Here it is:

Ricky just asked if Griffin was "bothering" me. Like he cares. Why would he give a crap? We have only talked once or twice and even then I was yelling at him for treating Amy like crap on the sidewalk or whatever.

Maybe this dress is working. Yeah, I doubt it. He probably just wants to get closer to Amy through being nice to me.

But in the back of my mind, something says this has nothing to do with Amy or John. Maybe its just between Ricky and I.

As Griffin and I walk away to lunch, I hear Adrian say to Ricky, "I knew that as soon as she walked through the door you were going to go after her." I couldn't help but smile to myself the rest of the way to the cafeteria.

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    Its creative, but it doesnt really sound like Ashely...

    Ashely is much more dark, and serious and dramatic

    she wouldnt, "smile to herself on the way to the cafeteria"

    lol. but good luck!!!!!!!!!!! Happy writing :)

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    Amy And Ricky Fanfiction

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