Ugh, I have boyfriend problems.?

We've been going out for about a week or so and I think about him constintly. He's been gone on vacation for a while so I never really get to see him. We had plans for this Friday but he forgot about Mayhem. Idk, I just feel like I think about him too much. I have to hold myself back from texting him. I don't wanna look like the needy girlfriend because I'm really not. I just need your opinion. Is thinking about him this much weird? I'm afraid that if he know, it would scare him, hah.

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    Did he go to band camp?

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    well a week doesn't necessarily constitute serious yet.. you might want to wade back a bit to shallower water.. how bout an analogy it takes time to build a good sturdy seaworthy ship.. what you've got in a week is a gas can (an empty one) if you head out to sea with the empty gas can you won't last long. build a boat.. in about 3 months you may be working with a partially inflated raft. you may escape the island on it but odds are even then if you try to go too fast you'll sink fast. i'd say in 6 months you have a good fishing boat.. not built for crossing huge bodies of water yet but you can circle the island a bit and have a better chance. you'll do yourself a huge favor if you can calm the feelings a bit realizing that, yes you'd scare him at this point. It's normal to be excited at the beginning of a new relationship but he's a guy and it's normal for him to be scared of a girl when she's a little too excited too early.

    Source(s): I'm a guy and I've been through EVERYTHING relationally.
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    It's not unnatural. From what you say, you could just be really missing him at the moment which is perfectly natural and fine.

    And speaking for myself, I love it when my girlfriend just texts me asking me how I'm doing, I know I like to know she cares how I'm doing.

    But yes, too much is a definitely a turn off. As long as you're not texting him 24/7 asking him about every little thing you should be fine.

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    Anyway yeah I think you should just tell him you think about him a lot, but try not to scare the fellow. If you do that then he knows you like him and he should stick around you more trying to be all flirty and stuff.

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    MAYHEM!? Lucky you got tickets! :D I wanna go...

    But yeah you should confront him! And he's probably thinking about you just as much...

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    when you are in a serious think about your man A LOT. It's normal.. specially if you don't talk or see each other much. :-)

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    you don't want to cling on to him too much guys like girls who are independent and can not be sad when they leave. Be strong!!!

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