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My Mom Ignores Me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

my mom found this stupid new Senoir Chat Room thing, and she is on it ALL DAY and ALL NIGHT. she makes me to everything, she dosnt get up to do anything anymore. i praticly COOK for myself. (im 13) she dances around in front of the camera with a corana hat on and sun glasses and wigs and all thses stupid props!



ive talked to her about it, but she acts like a *****, she naggs and continues it anyways

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    that is so crazy your mom needs a reality check just like she probably doesn't want you doing that sort of crap you need to let her know it's not cool that she does it either and ask her what happen to her but in a nice way like i miss when we used to hang out or when you would make me breakfast something like that but that is not the first time i heard of something like that so good luck

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