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starting age for riding a pony and horse?

what age to kids start riding? now i know some kids ride with the help of there parents keeping them up or riding on the same horse and stuff, but i mean really riding on a pony for the first. like about 5 or so? what age would you move the kid from pony to horse?

i want to figure out if it is worth me getting a pony or not for my kids, i have a 4 year old, 1 year old, maybe more kids in the future, dont know. thanks

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    People vary from the age they start riding, but i think 1 year is too young to ride on his own, unless held on the horse. Ponies are good for ages 5-7, but it depends on how well is the child, and it also depends on the size of your child, many children are usually small in size, so they may take longer.

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    I think they've got to be around 5 years old to really start learning how to ride. My son rode from an early age, but it all started to sink in when he matured enough to stay focused and follow directions, when his legs got slightly past the edge of the saddle, and he got stronger overall. He was about 5 when he started getting it and really progressing.

    I would get a pony. You will get lots of use out of a pony with two or more small kids. You should get a pony that is large enough for you to ride if he needs a reminder about how to do his job. I love ponies and think they're great for kids, providing you get a good one. My son is now 8 and rides a 28 year old 12.3 hand pony, and next year will move down to a 5 year old 12 hand pony. I'm small enough that I have trained both of these ponies starting when they were 3. I don't see him moving up to a horse until he's too big for ponies, and since he's on the small side I doubt that'll happen before he's a teenager.

    Ponies come in a variety of sizes, so if you are too big for a little one, get a medium or large pony. If your kids all like riding, you will end up with at least two ponies/horses, so you could keep the smaller pony for the smaller kids and get a large pony for the older ones.

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    I started riding when i was 3 with the help of my parents and Aunt but started riding at the Age of 6 without any help from my parents and i started on a 12 hand pony and i would move them from a pony to a horse at 8 or 9

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    Kids Ride On Pony

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    We always had horses so I had been on one a lot already but I got my first pony when I was 5, it was a really mean little Shetland. About a year later I got my first horse, really a QH/pony mix, she was better but still a bit stubborn and would scrape you off on trees. These horses, although very naughty did teach me some lessons, you always get back on, if you don't have control of your horse bad things happen, and train your horse right or you will have problems. Find a nice small well trained 7-15y/o horse if you can, you will get better use out of it and not have to replace it near as soon as a pony. Look for 14-14.2hh that will last your kids a long time and if you are not a large adult you can ride it too(I am 5'4" average build and my horse is 14.2hh)

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    with younger kids it is sometimes better to start them out on a horse because horses are calmer than ponies and ponies can have attitude problems they are also more high strung. Also with a horse you children will be able to ride it longer and they wont out grow it.

    Dont get me wrong though there are some fantastic ponies out there.

    I would get an older horse or pony one that has been there done that!

    I started riding when i was 5 by myself but my at my barn we have a 3 year old that can riding by himslef and he is even going to be riding in the Pennslyvana National horse show on lead line. (at the barn he rides alone but in shows he does lead line. He has even fallen off one of the 12hh ponies and he also rides a 15.2hh gelding and its better to start them out younger cuz they are more fearless!

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    I first started getting put on a ponies back when I was 3. I was riding off the lunge line when I was 4. Until I was 7 I was only put on the dead broke chillin' horses though.

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    i started riding at 3, but 'really' riding at about 5, i got lessons at 6, and started showing at 8. i have only ever ridden big show horses, so you don't have to start on a pony. are you a horse person? do you have time for a horse & more kids? if so, they i say yes get a pony/horse, but if not, wait till they are older, and just get them lessons/lease a horse

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    Ponys are good for ages around five to six. It depends on how well your child is to see if they can move on to a full grown horse. Around seven years old seens about right. Adopting a retired camp horse would be a good idea. Or try

    Good Luck!

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    i started riding without being held on to or anything by the time i was 3.

    i never rode a pony though...idk, maybe once. i learned to ride on an impeccably trained QH stud :)

    id suggest a calm older gelding or mare though, cause most studs arent well trained enough.

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