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Carry-ons, Purses, and my Laptop, on an airplane?

alright, i have my purse, a carry-on bag, and a smallish laptop case.

i am only allotted two to take on the plane with me.

now, has anyone ever put their laptop (in the case or not) in their carry-on bag? do they allow that? or do you have to have it separate from your carry-on, and have it count as a personal item?

reason being, i really want to have my purse as my personal item.



thank you all (: you relieved my nerves haha.

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    Yes you can place your laptop in your carry on bag. It will have to be taken out and place in the tray separate at the security check. Your purse does count as one of your carry on items, same as a backpack or briefcase would.

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    Most airlines say that you can bring one personal item in addition to your carry on bag. Your purse and laptop are considered two personal items by the airlines, and some may not allow it and some may look the other way. It may depend on how big your purse and laptop bag are. If you want to play it safe, put one or the other in your carry on bag but remember you'll need to take your laptop out at the security checkpoint and place it in a separate plastic tray for x-ray.

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    Sure, you can put either your purse or your laptop in your larger carry on bag, that's perfectly acceptable on every airline that allows one carry on and a personal item.

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    For women, purses do not count as a carry on. I promise. you are already set to get on the plane. Your laptop can also be in your carry on. Honestly, airports don't really sit there and count how many bags you have. But women are allowed to have two and then their purse. so have a nice trip!

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    You are fine .. just walk on confidently and they will not worry about it. They are more concerned with people who bring hunking big sutcases as carry on's...

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