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Can i sue my college? details below...?

So i just graduated a couple months ago from a major private 4 year school and there's a number of issues that happened throughout my time there. at the time, i was really passive and just wanted to finish my degree but now im done with school, have no job and great difficulties finding one (even though i graduated with honors and all) and when i look back at it, they really should not have gotten away with some of the issues that happened:

- the teacher in one of my classes has made numerous racist remarks, and continued even after i confronted him about it. I don't mean just little things, at one point he literally said 'white people are all like hitler'

- i actually worked for the college as well, and one day was attacked on the street (while following my boss's direct orders) and I was later arrested and sued by the person who attacked me for breaking her phone in the process. The person ironically won the case. The school would not compensate me or defend my case in any way, they switched my words around and just basically made sure their *** was covered. i was really too emotionally shaken up at the time to even think about taking legal action against the school, because it's really what i feel i should've done

- finally, i just had a number of misc. issues with the school. When touring school and at orientation, i was promised everything and anything. Being an art school, i was constantly told the school would support me all through my education. They couldn't have been more deceptive. They claimed their teachers were working professionals, when a number of them were in fact less qualified to teach than i was (the school actually employs some of their current grad students as teachers for undergrads - ironically the grad program is the same as undergrad, only squeezed into 2 and not 4 years. Grad students even take some of the same classes as undergrad.) The school made every effort to continuously deny me the facilities or equipment needed to finish my work. The faculty continuously favored students who would shut up and follow what they were told and mistreated students who dared be creative and think out of the box (it's an art school, you can't just create art based on what the books say!) When approaching one of the staff about the problems in the dept, she actually refused to let me into her office. I had a written out letter with my requests, she refused to read it or even look at it. I tried to approach the chairperson in the dept and even after numerous attempts, the guy would not get back to me. I got an email from him saying he 'can not help me' several weeks after i had already graduated. Just to mention one more example - the school organized an 'job fair' type of event for graduating seniors - the problem is that only several working professionals attended, and I (a graduating senior) already had more work experience in my field than any of those 'so called professionals'. Also, ironically, it turned out that none of the professionals who attended were actually looking for any workers. Some, in fact, were looking for free labor. (because obviously, for some ridiculous reasons so many people think that film or general art students love to work for free...)

I'm wondering if the above may be enough to make a case? I realize that this may be a David vs. Goliath fight, but i am not the only student completely ignored and mistreated by that school and i feel very strongly about it. Then, how would i go about filing a lawsuit?

I appreciate any input and thank you for reading!

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    waytoolong to read bud!! give it to attorney

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    I doubt you will be able to sue the school. If the school was not providing a propper education then you should have left, that is your parents fault.

    You can not blame the school for not getting you a job. If there are no jobs then what do you expect them to do? Pull one out of thin air? Keep in mind that many experiened workers are being laid off at the moment.

    With the racism the teacher will need to have been specifically racist to you. If it was a general comment then you need to mention to the principal or head of the school.

    I think you need to take responsibility for your own life choices and if you do decide to sue the school and win you should donate your money to some charity that is designed to stop bullying in school. After all how is you gaining money going to fix the events of the past that have scarred you so deeply.

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    No, it really doesn't sound like you have any case at all. You have to lose something measurably financial as a result of their actions, I don't see that here at all. A professor has freedom of speech. They can preach and say what they want. If you disagree with them, it is between you, him and the school. There is no law against him being a racist unless he shows it in his grades.

    There isn't really enough information on what you are talking about with the lawsuit for being attacked... I'm guessing there is more to that than what you are saying if you were sued and they won.

    All the other issues are really poor business practices, but not anything unlawful.

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    Dude, I feel for you; however, I think you may be out of luck.

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    No case at all.

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