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Paranoid schizophrenia question?

Do Paranoid schizophrenics see things that aren't there?

I read online that they are dellusional, and that they hear things that aren't there, but I was curious if they also see things that aren't.

If they don't could you please recommend a mental problem to be during which someone may see things that aren't there? Thanks!

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    Yes, it sometimes happens, although as you said auditory hallucinations are the most common. It frequently takes on the form of moving shadows out the corner of your eye. It is hard for me to figure out something isn't real if I see and touch it, but sometimes impossible things happen. Many years ago I was taking a shower and a penny fell down from above me and hit my shoulder and then hit the floor of the shower with a klunk. How could it have dropped from above when the ceiling is two feet over my head, I don't know. I picked it up and put it my penny jar and at the time I thought it was a message from my dead grandmother telling me to invest my money. In my head it was the only thing that made sense, so I gathered up the little money I had and invested it in the stock market. A similar incident happens when I saw some children's toys that belonged to a dead relative started moving around by themselves, and at that time I also thought it was a message from my dead nephew. I read somewhere that it is not uncommon for schizophrenics to feel like the are getting messages from the dead, so maybe that makes sense. I don't know.

    There are other things that can cause visuals and they include some mood disorders like major depressive disorder w/psychotic features and bipolar type 1 w/psychotic features. There is also a diagnosis called Psychotic Disorder NOS that can make you see things.

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    schizophrenics can experience delusions in all five senses. it is however uncommon for some of them to present themselves often. most schizophrenics only see or hear something that isn't there. often with paranoid schizo. they also have delusion accompanied such as being followed or hunted by... so and so. it is incredibly rare for a schizophrenic who isn't permanently institutionalized to experience full sensory delusions. however schizophrenics aren't the only people who see things that aren't there. if you are a healthy active person most of the time and generally happy,(not depressed) you may want to look into an mri. brain trauma, seizures, and cancer. another mental disability that can cause possible illusions is schizo/affective disorder, and another is believe it or not borderline personality disorder. NOT to be confused with multiple personality or dissociative disorder.

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    My father has this disease and sometimes mentions seeing things that are not there.

    As does my mother.

    another situation in which dellusions are associated with is post traumatic stress syndrome when the patient sees events from the past happening before them as if they were still going on.

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    Schizophrenia can include visual hallucinations.

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