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what are my chances of having a baby girl?

According to what i have read and heard,depending on when you have sex,you are more than likely to have a certain gender. Ok,i had a positive OPK yesterday at 2pm,had sex that night around 10pm....tonight i tested and my OPK is getting lighter,no longer as dark as it was. So I am assuming that i ovulated sometime today....with that being said would i more than likely have a Boy? is there still a chance for tha girl?

This is assuming i AM pregnant! Thanks


For you Dumb Little Kids that are downing me,its called the Shettles method! ReSearch it Idiots! And Paige,you need help telling somebody you want them to Die! Shyt Grow Up!

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    I am not a little child and I can tell you it's ALWAYS 50/50

    Shettles method (as well as all other "methods") have all been disproven by scientific studies.

    Sorry, 50/50 chance.

    I hope you get your BFP though! Good luck!

    and to whoever said you should was that about?

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    Isn't it a 50/50 chance for either a boy or a girl. At least that is what I learned in biology using the Punnett square.

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    The time of day in which you have sex has nothing to do with whether you have a boy or girl. It's all in the chromosomes.

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    it's a 50/50 chance you really can't pick what you have no matter what you have you will be happy with what ever you have i promise

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    50%. Every time you have a child, 50%, no matter what.

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    its 50/50 stupid...go back to 5th grade science class time of day and that sh!t has NOTHING to do with it at all

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