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why does my left eye feel weird once again ?? plzzz helppp?

Last December something happened one day when wearing contacts. my eyes felt out of focus like they were both not even and leveled. Its hard to explain. my left eye prescription was 4.50 and my right was 4.25, so i went to the ophthalmologist and they said your left eye is more dominant than your right so they evened out my perscription and both eyes were 4.25, the problem was solved and it was perfect. then this June i opened up a new box of contacts and put them on and the same exact problem happened again. It's the same prescription and everything. i went back to the doctor and they lowered my prescription to 4.00 which didn't work at all, it was too blurry, then i tried going back to my original 4.50 and 4.25 and the problem was still there. the problem is still there and i don't think its my vision anymore. it feels like my left eye out of place, like it wants to roll back or go in a different direction. it feels like its pulling and i feel it with my glasses on too ?? i don't know if its sinuses, muscles, eyestrain. i am having migraines, but why would sinuses make you feel like your seeing weird and that both eyes are not working together?? my eyes kinda feel heavy too. my eyes are perfect vision also, there not going blurry or anything. my eyes aren't red or itchy. they kinda get watery sometimes. i dont know what to do anymore. im scared the doctors might not find the problem at all ?? it just feels like my eye wants to pull into a different direction and feels like it moves out of place for a second ?? idkk plzz helppp ??

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    Go to the doctor.

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