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i think my cat is pregnant?

my cat goes into heat once a month, like all other cats, but last month and this month, she hasn't. She seems a lot more hungry now, and when you feel her stomach it's hard..and you can kind of tell she's pregnant.

So my question is, is there anything you have to do when your cat is pregnant? To make sure she and the babies are okay?

Also i might have been a little rough playing with her :o, rubbing her stomach and stuff, im sure not hard enough to hurt the kittens, because ive NEVER hurt her..but still , do you think it's possible!?

and lastly, how long are cats pregnant for?

Thanks for the answers:)

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    I'm sure she is pregnant. Check to see if her nipples are turning red and inflamed. That's a for sure sign. I'm positive you did not hurt the kittens while playing with her. You would have hurt the queen (mother cat) in the process. The best thing is to take her to a vet and have them help you with the process. But I know sometimes people cant do that with how expensive it is. My cat just recently had kittens four weeks ago, and we couldn't get her checked up with the vet. I took care of her myself. A cats gestation period is about 62 days or about nine weeks. In the early weeks just make sure she has plenty of fresh food and water. I didn't really change the kind of food she ate. But she will eat a lot more. Its good also to give her some chicken or tuna or egg. That will give her additional protein. When your cat starts getting toward her due date, she will begin nesting. You need to be careful or she might have them in a bad spot (i.e. on top of your clean clothes or towels) What you should do is make a spot for her in an area where she wont be bothered by people or other animals if you have any. What I did was take a good size box, cut all the top flaps off with a knife. The i cut off half of one of the side walls of the box and flipped it upside down. She will like that it is covered and if you place the upturned box on top of some soft blankets, she will most likely take to it immediately. Then you wont have to worry about where she will have them. Now the actually birthing was tough for me personally. I have a close bond with my cat and she actually came and got me when it was time, but most cats do not. Keep and eye on her but she most likely wont need any help, she will know what to do. Once she has them, make sure you put her food, water, and litter box in the same area to where she doesn't have to be out of eyesight of her kittens. Make sure she is not bothered for a few weeks afterward. If you constantly lift the box to see the kittens she will become nervous and move the kittens to a new spot. And as a last piece of advice, once she has the kittens be aware that she may become very protective and not want anyone near her or the kittens. She may hiss at people she is unfamiliar with, and she may even hiss at you. Just give her her space if it happens, but it doesn't always happen. It depends on the cat. Well I really hope I helped you out! I just went through this the last few months so I know exactly how it is! =)

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  • i think she is!


    my cat just had 2 litters

    she will not go into heat,she searches for dark corners and you can feel the babies when she eats

    my cat is RLLY protective of her kitties

    they are usu pregnant for abo 3 monts

    and make sure to get some replacement milk especially for kittens in case she doesnt have enough nipples

    i wouldnt suggest roughhousing at a time like this

    she will want to sleep more and eat more

    when she is about to give birth, find a nice comfortable place for her [ will havea ALOT of blood] get scissors[ in case she cant chew off the umbilical cord

    help guide the kitties onto the mother's nipples since they cant see

    it would be best to let her have a natural birth but check p on her every few hours...

    each kitten will arrive within 15-30 min of time...

    she will need rest and give her some water during the labor

    after the labor is done...check all the kittens to make sure all are healthy

    labor can last up to 24 hrs so check up on her every 2-3 hrs

    hope this helps x)

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    Cat pregnancy lasts just over 60 days. The cat should be checked by a vet during the pregnancy but they are quite capable of having kittens with no human intervention.

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    1st why isn't she spayed

    2nd feed her kitten food it has more protein

    3rd cats are usually pregnant for around 65 days

    when the kittens are born its best not to touch them

    prepare a box with blankets for her.

    kittens are weaned about 5 weeks

    but only seperate them at 8,9 weeks

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    Cats are pregnant for nine weeks. three weeks after mating her nipples will become pink. she will want to eat more, but a few days before birth she will decrease eating. if she's pregnant, she will be more loving and stay clear of male cats. check with a vet first before. here are some tips if she is pregnant. ->

    best of luck, hope I helped

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    You should take her to the vet for an emergency spay/ abortion.

    It is crazy to let your cat breed when there are millions put to sleep in shelters every year because they are unwanted. People give kittens away for goodness sake.

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    best thing to do is take your kitty to the vet and have her checked out to

    a.) confirm she is preg

    b.) have her get a physical

    c.) possibly find out a due date

    Vet check ups are good to make sure they are developing well throughout the pregnancy and that the mama kitty is doing well.

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