What kind of gear do I need to buy if I am just starting MMA training?

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    If you are just starting MMA training, you are going to want a pair of fighting gloves, like ufc gloves, you will want some shorts, either compression(tight) or loose regular fighting shorts, you will want fighting shorts b/c it gives you the room you need to kick high and low, you will get the same with compression, just compression shorts are tighter. You might want to buy a rash guard, it is like a under armour shirt just not as tight, and you will want a mouth guard, and if you want, shin guards you can get them. for you i would prefer you get a cheap pair of gloves, b/c you are just starting. and for shorts, get a decent pair, and you can get them with an open seem or a closed seem. open seem gives you a lot more room to kick and might be more comfortable due to preference, with closed seem, you can still kick as high as you can with open seem shorts just the shorts don't slide up your leg.

    well, i hope this helped a lot, and good luck!

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    5 years ago

    Sounds like you will have to do this yourself. I would suggest starting with some boxing equipment at home or perhaps if there is a boxing gym you can join. I grew up in a small town but we still had a school wrestling team. Wrestling is one of the fundamentals for MMA. Alternatively I would look at any friends that are interested, it could be an opportunity to start a club or weekly grappling sessions. You are still young and unless you are thinking of competing I think it is a good time to develop the fundamentals such as boxing/striking and wrestling. To get more specialized training you will have to find a gym eventually or some place that will teach some form of martial arts such as jiu jitsu, karate etc.

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    i have been doing mma for six months.

    to start you absolutely NEED a cup and mouthguard.

    you can buy gloves but you dont need them at that time.

    if you WANT,

    you can get knee pads (these are a life saver for me), head gear for sparring, and shin guards for sparring (which you really dont need unless you are sparring heavily

    ALSO, get MMA gloves, because if you are doing MMA you will need gloves that you can grab people or take people down, so you don't need boxing gloves. i would recommend

    combat sports gloves

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    you have to get boxing gloves, shin pads, shorts (not that tight, maybe a little loose), gloves that will help you grapple. things of that nature. best places to look for MMA stuff is actually at tapout.com

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  • 1 decade ago

    make sure you get a pair of like 14 or 16 sparing boxing gloves

  • 1 decade ago

    Bubblewrap. Lots of it.

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