Are canned foods dangerous?

I heard canned foods can cause cancer, is that true?

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    1 decade ago
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    they can be dangerous if thrown hard enough :P

    try to avoid keep cans for longs periods of time.

    once open decant the goods into another vessel.

    poor quality metals can be carcinogenic, different countries have different standards, although we have strict import regulations, some items can slip through.

    these are the things i have heard, from industry workers :)

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    only thingI have heard about canned foods is if they are not canned properly, bacteria can enter the can or jar and you can get botulism poisoning (botulism - it's the same thing that's in Botox shots!). that's bad, but it's also really rare. if the "button" on the lid is not popped up, you're probably okay.

    I've never heard the cancer thing. If you are worried I would say don't eat canned food that's very old and has been sitting in it's can for years and years.

    lots of people eat canned food. lots of things might be able to maybe give you cancer somehow someway, but we don't really know. it's probably fine. you have to preserve food somehow. II wouldn't worry.

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    ok wow what DOESNT cause cancer these days

    i hear something new everyday

    i never heard of this one

    i highly doubt they do since canned products have been around so long

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    theyre not healthy because they have preservatives

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    It isn't likely.

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